Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Artistry Beauty Lounge At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

I was incredibly lucky to attend the Artistry Beauty Lounge at the Empire Hotel during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The experience was truly memorable, relaxing and very fun! The Artistry Lounge was like peaceful oasis from the hectic pace of running between shows and editing my blog. My first stop at the lounge was the beauty counter where I received a consultation on which Artistry products would work best on my skin. I filled out a form for the products to be mailed to my home. Unexpectedly I received a huge gift basket from them with my recommended products and many more Artistry makeup goodies. I will blog about using their amazing products in a later post.
Next I was given a paraffin hand treatment which was another incredible experience! I’ve never heard of this type of treatment so I was quite surprised when my hands were massaged with lotion, dipped in wax and then covered with gloves. When my hands were finally uncovered they felt very soft and smelled so nice. See below picture!
After my hand treatment my friend and I sampled some snacks which included a healthy combination of mini sandwiches, croissants, fruits and veggies.
Delicious wine was also served.

After sampling the refreshments I was given a full makeover by the amazing Artistry makeup artist. I loved every single makeup product that she used on me from the concealer which worked like magic to the beautiful eye enhancing eye shadow and luxuriously red lipstick.

Here is a close up of when she was putting on the final touches. I honestly felt like a porcelain doll after she was done!
I left the Artistry Lounge feeling so refreshed, relaxed and extra glamorous. The Artistry makeup artist did an incredible job and the makeup lasted all night. I received a million and one compliments when I went back to the tents for my final shows. I'm officially an Artistry fan and would highly recommend their makeup and products. They're the epitome of luxury in the beauty industry. Thank you so much Artistry for giving me this amazing experience and sending me your incredible products. Stay tuned to my upcoming blog post about my experience using their amazing skincare and beauty products.

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