Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coach Fall 2013 Preview at their Glamorous Headquarters in New York

(Wearing a print dress by d.RA)

The Coach headquarters in New York was one of the most glamorous and enchanting places that I've ever had a chance to visit. Coach invited me to see their fabulous new Fall 2013 collection during a special editor’s preview. It was such a fairy tale experience to walk around their showroom which was decorated in the classic Coach aesthetic. The new Fall 2013 collection featured a selection of luxurious bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses and more! 

The handbags were perfectly crafted in every possible shape, size and color that you could imagine. A few striking trends included animals prints and fringe tassels.
One of the most stand out pieces was the above pattern bag with blue highlights that the Man Repeller would certainly approve of. I couldn't resist trying it on along with the matching Coach floppy hat that sat next to it. I loved how the classic Coach C was carefully placed into the middle portion of the design. The tassels also gave it a fun touch. 

There were so many beautiful Fall 2013 Coach shoes to choose from. My favorites were the above mini wedge booties in beige, brown and black colors. The mini strap on top was the perfect accent to these fabulous shoes. I wanted one in every color! These booties would go so well over skinny jeans or tights. 

I absolutely adored this brilliant leopard spotted Coach cape! The slits in front made this piece really interesting. Aside from the fierce print I really loved the way the black leather outlined the whole cape. As I write this post I’m literally dreaming of wearing this beautiful cape to Fashion Week this coming Fall. 

The above jeweled zipper case was also quite memorable. It’s very different from any other Coach piece that I've seen. The clear jewels made it look like a decadent Coach treasure.

Coach presented a fun selection of hats and head accessories to keep you fashionable and warm during the Fall 2013 season. My favorite was definitely the hat on the far right with the furry pom pom on top. 

The Coach sunglasses choices for Fall 2013 were as Rachel Zoe would say “bananas”. They had every possible style and color to match your stylish Fall/Winter wear.

Waiters in leather Coach aprons walked around with yummy Hors d'oeuvres for guests.

Editors were also treated to fabulous drink choices on a table that was decorated with white roses.

At the exit was a white table full of treats that you can put into a Coach box and take home. There were macaroons, jelly beans, cupcakes, rock candy and much more.

Thank you so much to Coach PR for inviting me to see your new Fall 2013 collection. You made this Fashion Blogger’s dream come true, 10x over. 

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