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Fashion Week Hair Makeover With Celebrity Stylist Eran Edri at Francky L’Official Salon

Celebrity Hairstylist Eran Edri and me
(Wearing a dress by Bobi Los Angeles)

With only a few more days until New York Fashion Week I wanted to do something completely different with my hair. My trusted fashion friends Martha from MDollNYC.com and Eleonora from Sensationofhouse.com recommended their super talented celebrity hairstylist friend Eran Edri from the famous Francky L’Official Salon on Madison Avenue. Both beauties have been made over by Eran recently and their hair looked so flawless. Of course, I immediately reached out to Eran to see if he had any time. Luckily for me he had an opening this past Saturday! I was so excited for the opportunity to be styled by Eran for Fashion Week! 

Best known for his expert layered cuts Eran’s work has attracted top designer clients, from Carmen Marc Valvo to Helmut Lang. His exquisite work has been featured in various publications including Italian Vogue, Instyle as well as seen on the runways of NY Fashion Week. Eran has trained with Frederic Fekkai and Tony & Guy, he holds certificates from Balmain, Peter Coppola, L'Oreal, and Wella.

The Francky L’Official Salon is known for having an impressive roster of clients which includes celebrities, socialites and models.

Eran greeted me like an old friend and the reality of the experience really set in. I was about to get my hair done by one of the most talented /sought after hairstylists in New York!

I had the above ‘before’ photo taken so you can see my full transformation. The ends of my hair were so badly burnt from too much styling and ironing for weekly fashion events. Initially we were just going to color my hair blonder but after seeing the damage Eran advised that at least half should be cut. Of course I listened to his recommendation as I knew my hair was in the most talented hands.

While Eran was mixing the blonde color his assistant asked what I wanted to drink. Lately, I’ve been trying to cut back on coffee so I opted for green tea.

Tea in hand I attempted to chat in Hebrew with Eran as that’s his native language. I was so excited to test how much Hebrew I remembered. (I studied the language for 4 years in high school.) Sadly, only a few sentences came back but it was still fun to attempt to speak it again!   

Eran meticulously applied the blonde color filled foils on my locks. It’s as if he could already picture the final outcome and how beautifully the blonde would cascade down my hair.

The reporter in me wanted to learn more about his method, hair advice and his exciting stories about working on fashion shows.

What were the steps in creating my fabulous look today?

Eran: First take a look at you and your hair, then talk about the look and make sure that we both like that idea. Then mix the color, part the hair and I'm ready to start... 

You washed the back of my hair first after coloring and left the front hair foil in longer. What was the reason for that?

Eran: I first washed the back of your hair because that's where I started so to avoid any damage for your hair we must wash that part first.

Eran put a special heating lamp over my hair to speed up the coloring process. He mentioned that it cuts time by at least 15 min.

What is your advice for taking care of colored hair? I think you mentioned leaving in extra virgin olive oil. What’s the process for that? Any other advice?

Eran: The best way to take care of colored hair is to apply extra virgin olive oil all over your hair except for the roots. Kérastase has an amazing line for color treated hair. Natalie always warms four spoons of the extra virgin olive oil and adds it to the elixir ultima masque(by Kérastase) and it make the hair silky and smooth. The Moroccan oil line also does miracles to the hair!

You and your wife Natalie are quite the beauty team! She does the makeup and you do the hair at the Francky L’Official salon. Which fashion shows have been your favorite to work on together?

Eran: Like I mentioned before I do the hair and Natalie does hair and makeup for most of the fashion shows. We loved doing all of them!  

Another Fashion Week is coming up! You’re going to be pretty busy with styling shows. How do you prepare for a fashion show?

Eran: First I ask for the call sheet picture of the models from Hana Courlang the Marketing Manager. Then we prepare our team, listen to what the designer is looking for and shop for for hair pieces, new makeup, new collars and all the accessorize supplies. Then Natalie and me come up with a new idea that works for both of us and we’re ready to start.

What’s your most memorable Fashion Week moment?

Eran: To see and work on our first big fashion show when my wife was 9 months pregnant with our second child. We had to do about 47 models, 2 different looks in 3 hours! We made it big time with just me, Natalie and only 2 more assistants; everything came out amazing!!

After a little bit more time under the heated lamp it was time to go back to the sink to get the coloring washed off. A warm towel was wrapped over my newly colored color. I couldn’t help but take a second to take in the relaxing moment. After a few minutes with the heated towel Eran’s assistant washed my hair with the most sweetly smelling shampoo.

Finally, it was time for the big cut and style. Eran was so brilliant with his cutting technique. Each cut was made with such precision and the results were even better than I could possibly imagine. 

After having long hair for a while my new shorter cut felt so light and effortless. Sometimes the most empowering thing in life is a good cut and color to make you feel like a million dollars. 

After my cut and color I had a chance to chat with Teresa Montgomery the manager of the Francky L’Official Salon. Teresa was wearing the most beautiful Hamsa necklace. She mentioned it was by Kelly Gerber, an accessories designer whose collection is currently being sold at the salon.

I perused Kelly Gerber’s collection which had the most lovely, carefully crafted jewels. There were lots of yellow gold pieces that I absolutely adored. Kelly is known for making personalized 14k gold phototags which combine treasured photo moments that her clients want to include. Kelly's jewelry has been seen on many celebrity moms, such as Cindy CrawfordBrooke ShieldsJulianne Moore Faith Hill 

Before leaving I couldn’t help but admire the trendy Elena Ab paintings by the door. In addition to being an artist, Elena also owns the Elena Ab Gallery in Tribeca where she creates an environment where emerging artists can create, exhibit and sell their work.  
Thank you so much Eran for creating the most très magnifique short blonde look for me just in time for New York Fashion Week! :)

To schedule an appointment with Eran visit franckylofficial.com or call 212-628-7505.  

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