Monday, November 7, 2011

Cachè Spring 2012 Press Preview

This past Wednesday I attended the Cachè Spring 2012 Press Preview at the Carlton Hotel in New York. The second I entered the ritzy hotel I was greeted by the press check in girl and escorted to the elevator that went up to the fabulous Cachè suite. As I walked in the first thing I noticed about the new collection was the tremendous amount of bright colors in their casual wear. The influx of color made me excited to see the rest of the collection which was very youthful and fun. It included a lot of staple pieces that would look great for this coming Spring. My favorite casual pieces were the rouge Motorcycle Jacket, Shoe Print Ruffle Blouse and Tiny Button Skinny Jeans.

Of course my ultimate passion is for anything dressy and glamorous so I instantly gravitated towards their formal wear. I was completely smitten with their Sequin Dress and Fringe Beaded Strapless Mini. Another lovely formal dress was the Chiffon Vintage Beaded V Neck with Faux Belt. The gown could easily make you look like a Greek Goddess if you add the right amount of bronzer and accessories. Aside from the fabulous fashion I also met a few other fashion bloggers and editors. It's always such a pleasure to meet my fellow fashion peers. 
Shoe Print Ruffle Blouse
Tiny Button Skinny
Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Sleeveless Ruffle Blouse
Braid Waist Trouser
Tweed Vest with Navy Piping
Washed Denim Strapless Jumpsuit

Fringe Beaded Strapless Mini
Chiffon Vintage Beaded V Neck with Faux Belt

Fashion Cami
Tweed Vest with Mixed Metals and Beads
Zig Zag High Waist Trouser

Butterfly Print Chiffon Halter
Crochet Poncho
Black Tube Top
Palm Print Short
Tunic with Macrame
Tulip Crop
Orchid Crochet Tunic
Trapunto Short with Metal Ring
Drape Neck with Bow
Cargo Crop
Stitch Hilow Hem
Denim-Like Tencel Short

Strapless Maxi Elastic Waist
Denim Vest

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