Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Double-Hang Wardrobe Closet From Target

One of my biggest vices is buying an outfit every time I need to go to an event or party. Throughout the years I've accumulated many pretty outfits with decreasing closet space to store them all. I finally decided that forcibly jamming my clothes into my tiny closet space was just not going to cut it anymore so I went on a day long search to find more storage space. Initially I thought a garment rack with a cover would be ideal until I spotted the Double-Hang Wardrobe closet at Target. Assembly of this mock closet was very easy and literally took 10 minutes. I was excited to finally spread my dresses out and hang them on the top portion of this closet. The bottom I reserved for my dressy suit tops and shirts. On the left hand side there was even shelve space that I ended up using for my big bags, pants and winter scarves. This mock closet conveniently comes with a three way zipper to keep the clothes dust free. If you're in need of more closet space I highly recommend purchasing this Double-Hang Wardrobe closet.


  1. Your double-hang wardrobe closet looks great, I wish I have such one:)

  2. Hello! You don't happen to still have instructions on how to assemble this? I had used one when living with my ex and after we broke up, I took it apart to move, never found the assembly instructions, and now and clueless to put back together. Even a company name would be useful in trying to find instructions online. Great blog btw!

  3. Yes, I have instructions. Please send me your email and I'll send over instructions.

  4. Alina:

    Would you mind e-mailing the instructions as well? It wasn't included with m set.

    Luis (

  5. Hi Luis,

    Sure, just sent it to you!


  6. Hi Alina,

    Nice post can you please send me the instructions, too?

  7. I have one of these and love it. Do you know the dimensions? I want to put it in my attic, but don't want to put it all together for it to not fit.



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