Sunday, February 19, 2012

Exclusive Look Inside The Tents At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2012

I can’t believe how quickly Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week came and went. It was only yesterday that I was laying out my outfit for day 1 in the tents. It’s been close to 6 years now that I’ve had the privilege of being at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Each season is different than the next and that’s what makes it so exciting each time. The sponsors inside the tents always add a fun element to the dynamic of Fashion Week. This season some of my favorite sponsors were Maybelline, TRESemme, DHLFiber One and Diet Pepsi.

As always Maybelline was giving away a few fabulous samples. One of my favorite samples that I've been lucky to get was the Super Stay Ravishing Rouge lipstick. The shade is bright red and was a perfect addition to some of the outfits that I wore. At the TRESemme salon you had an opportunity to get your hair done but only once this season. DHL added a fun element of having your picture by the DHL backdrop and given to you minutes later. Fiber One and Diet Pepsi were also giving away their product. During the times I was too busy to grab lunch I was particularly thankful to snack on the Fiber One bars as they were quite filling! 

Check out my mini tour video below for an exclusive look inside the tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!  


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