Sunday, April 1, 2012

Carlos Miele Fall 2012: Exotic Silhouettes and Bright Prints

Carlos Miele was inspired by traditional gaúchas (cowgirls) of Rio Grande do Sul as well as the culture in general of Southern Brazil. For his Fall 2012 collection he reinterpreted the free lifestyle and natural elegance of these country women for a cosmopolitan audience. Miele wanted to capture the sensation of freedom one imagines the gaúcha  feels when she is riding horses or walking through the fields of the boundless Brazilian pampas-- a tradition of beauty in motion.

Each season there is so much infusion of Latin culture and spice. Carlos is known for his use of bright colors and flowing prints that capture the exotic nature of his native country Brazil. This season in particular he's really outdone himself with exotic silhouettes and fantastically bright prints.
 For the Fall 2012 collection the patterns of traditional gaúcho sashes and ponchos inspired Miele's geometric prints; the gold and natural tones echo the rich natural landscape; and the organic print makes reference to the native feline, gato dos pampas. The collection emphasizes sleek silhouttes that highlight the female form. Handicraft techniques such as woven tiras, metal embroidery, and overlays of different fabrics work together to create refined volumes and tridimensional textures. Hats and sashes worn throughout the collection are those of authentic gaúchas

My favorite look was the below gradual blue print pleated silk charmeuse gown with black underlay. This gown reminds me of a water painting in motion.

Check out Carlos Miele:

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