Sunday, April 1, 2012

ModaRévisé Cocktail Party and Interview With Designer Stella Chang!

I attended the ModaRévisé Handbag cocktail party to preview the new handbag line and meet designer Stella Chang. The event was held at her showroom in New York and featured bags from her ModaRévisé collection as well as from Chocolate Handbags which are also designed by Stella. 

What I loved most about her designs is how original they were. It's all too common to find bags that all look alike but Stella's designs just stood out. I had a chance to interview the lovely designer to learn more about her ModaRévisé Handbag collection. 

Can you tell me about your collection? 

Our collection is called ModaRévisé and it’s a luxury line. We use genuine leather. We actually create our own leather and custom dye it. For ModaRévisé we mainly do bags that have a visual story inspired by some sort of artist like Georgia O'keeffe. We have a collection called a Black Iris collection which is inspired by her painting the Black Iris. We used an origami technique on leather so it’s very unique. Another line we have for Moda is jewelry pieces that are detachable so you can wear separately as a necklace or charm bracelet. We brought this to New York last year and we were actually selected by Swarovski Crystal as 1of 35 emerging brands. 

Black Iris Without Black Collection

What is the inspiration behind your handbags?

It’s mostly artistic influences like Georgia O'keeffe. I came from an illustration background. At NYU I used to do children’s illustration so what I would do is go into the art world and find a color, pattern or illustration and create from that.  Like my Georgina Collection which is actually my hand illustration that was re-printed. It was inspired by the movie The Duchess.

Georgiana Tote

When did you start ModaRévisé?

I’m started ModaRévisé in 2010 but I have been in the industry for 9 years now. I used to work for United Bamboo and I also worked for Malini Murjani. She sells her stuff at Saks 5th avenue and used to be the Isabella Fiore Artistic Director.

What kind of woman do you see wearing your collection?

A woman who knows what she wants! A woman who’s not afraid to find something that’s different from what other people are offering. A woman who appreciates art, music, pop culture and who’s not afraid to try something that’s not on the runway.

Victoria Cross Body Barrel Tote

I see that you’re very art inspired. Who are your favorite artists that you draw inspiration from?

New York! I love New York. I love Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and strong women who have a story to tell! 

About ModaRévisé

Founded by artist Stella Chang, ModaRévisé is an independent branding company that designs, develops, and sells fashion accessories & apparel properties. They are dedicated to creating a fashion alternative for women who appreciate high-end fashion, which are affordable, collectable, and timeless beyond seasonal trend.
Product lines consist of genuine leather handbags and small leather accessories, and they're looking to expand to computer accessories and ready-to-wear apparel in the near future.
Each collection will tell a visual story through exploration of unique artistic applications juxtapose to contemporary design motifs. Think origami on leather, silk screening printing, or manga style illustration married to underground fashion elements such as Gothic Lolita, or artistic influence of Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings and more. They strive for creativity and originality in every collection.
The look is feminine, sophisticated, and avant-garde with a twist of quirk and cuteness.

Check out ModaRévisé

Victoria Doctor's Bag

Lola Hobo

Victoria Vintage Cross Body Coin Purse

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