Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview with Designer Norisol Ferrari During Her Fall 2012 Collection Trunk Show at the Carlyle Hotel

Alina Fayer and Designer Norisol Ferrari 

Last week I attended the Norisol Ferrari Fall 2012 trunk show and informal modeling event held at the the Yves Durif Salon in the Carlyle Hotel. The luxury hotel's opulent atmosphere set the perfect tone for Norisol's collection of old glamour inspired fur, leather and lace pieces. 

Norisol is a very special designer and I'm over the moon in love with her new Fall 2012 collection! If I could compare her work to any other designer I would say her collection is very reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. There is such depth and vision in her pieces as each one tells a story of a strong, confident woman with a little bit of mystery. Everything in the collection is also crafted from the finest luxury materials to ensure sustainability when passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms. 

During the event I had a chance to chat with Norisol about her new collection. It was truly an honor for me to speak with the legendary designer and I'm excited to share this exclusive interview with you.

Can you tell me about your new Fall 2012 collection? 

The Fall collection was deeply inspired by some of the strong women that have passed away recently like Eartha Kitt, Etta James and Whitney Houston. Really beautiful, strong women that took charge of their look. Most of the coats, jackets, dresses are named after women that I admire or women that I know and love. The pieces are really meant to celebrate strong women.
I know that you love to travel and get inspiration from different countries. Were there any countries in specific that inspired you for this collection? 

I'm going to have to say that this was definitely an American collection and I think this was a first for me. I don't think I ever saw this as a destination if you will but it is to millions and millions of people in the world. I think I tried to see America with Dior's eyes that first time. The first time he sort of looked at the American woman. 
What are the top trends in your collection for Fall? 

I'm hoping I don't have any! 
Your collection is a mix of edge and glamour. Is that right? 

I'd like to believe old world glamour and real woman strength. 
What celebrities do you see wearing your collection? 

I would absolutely love to dress someone like Kate Moss. She's just such a fashionable creature. I'm absolutely in love with Adele. I would love to dress Adele. I would also love to dress Iman! 
Last question. I know you love to use a lot of fur and leather. Can you tell me about the different materials you used in this collection? 

I tried to go after fabrics that resemble the reasons I love leather and fur which is the nobility of them. They last, they're wearable and continuously will sustain you in your wardrobe. They can be functional. They can have many lives in your wardrobe so I really tried to take that same attitude with the fabrics that I used for the RTW.

I stayed with beautiful stretched charmeuses that were very heavy weight so they'd really stick around for a while. Beautiful heavy Italian crepes, stretched light weight crepes. I tried to stay with laces that were good and sturdy. I'm in love with American lace right now and I've discovered an American lace company that I was really excited to use. 

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