Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Small Holiday Fashion Gifts (That Make a Big Impression)

The Holidays are fast-approaching which means the time for buying presents is too. Getting the perfect Holiday present is never easy, especially if you want to get your friends or family something fashionable. Buying the right shoes or the perfect dress can be tricky as you need to have a pretty good idea of their size and tastes - and if you don't know the person you're buying for that well then this can be hard!
That's why it might be a good idea to get something a little smaller, but no less special for the Holidays. Accessories like scarves, handbags and jewelry still require a bit of thought but don't come with the same problems and they can be a lot more affordable. Here are a few accessories that would make for great presents for the Holidays or an even better way to treat yourself!

1. Wrap Up in a Seasonal Scarf
It can get cold at this time of year so a great scarf can not only be a stylish accessory but it can be a useful gift as well. This year Codello is making some great scarves that look sleek and seasonal. Their grey scarves with black stars fit the wintery mood perfectly but aren't specifically 'Christmas' scarves which means they won't be thrown out when the holidays are over. Mexx and Espirit do some great wintery looking grey and black scarves and so do Givenchy. Although unsurprisingly these cost a lot more and so are maybe only worth considering for your most loved ones.
Codello Grey Scraf 
2. Go Bold with Rebeligion Jewelry
There's loads of great jewelry out there, more than can possibly be mentioned here. That's why I'm going to draw your attention to one exciting new brand that's been making big waves over the past couple of year - Rebeligion. Their motto is "You love to be a rebel. Your style is your religion" and it sums them up perfectly. Rebeligion's silver combines a punk-rock attitude with a fashionable elegance. It might not be for everyone but if you've got a friend who isn't afraid of a little danger, Rebeligion might just be what she needs.
Robeligion Bracelet 
3. Embrace the Chill with an Icy Handbag
Handbags always make great gifts (for you or for someone else) but keeping things monochrome is an easy way to keep most people pleased, as well as fashionable and seasonal. Diesel currently does a brilliant (and typically chunky) handbag called Brave that looks great in white, with some discrete black flourishes. On the other end of the scale, Morgan is doing some classy-looking black handbags that go with just about anything.
Morgan Handbag
So there you have a few ideas for small Holiday gifts that are sure to make a big impact. They look stylish and seasonal and will make great presents for your loved ones and yourself as well! 
This article was written by Kane, for Zalando.co.uk; a leading UK-based fashion outlet. If you think any of the items featured in this article would make great gift idea for the Holidays then be sure to visit their website.

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