Monday, January 14, 2013

5 DO's & DONT's for New York Fashion Week Courtesy of PR Guru Jordana Hazan

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner! I caught up with PR Guru Jordana Hazan for her favorite 5 rules on looking your best during this glamorous fashion season. Check out her tips below!
Jordana Hazan at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Jordana's Rules For "What To Wear":

Rule #1:
Ladies and gentleman - if the hair isn't working, nothing else will. "Living in New York," says Olivia Palermo, "one wants to always present the best version of oneself, and I think this can be accomplished through one's hair."

Rule #2: 
Now, your face - let's be honest: It's the first thing that everyone looks at. Minimal and natural looking make-up is best since most fashion shows take place during the day - after all, you don't want to show up looking like a morning after mess. Take a "day to night" KIT in your fabulous handbag - which is another must during Fashion Week - and you can wow everyone with dramatic make-up at the after parties.

Rule #3:
Re-tracking to the handbag - if it costs more than your monthly rent, you are golden.

Rule #4: 
Dress, pants, blouse, blazer? What to wear... It doesn't matter, however; go black and you will never want to go back! Black staple pieces are always a winner if worn properly. The pop of color should be present in the accessories and shoes. Close your eyes and imagine the following: white silk blouse, black fitted blazer with skinny trousers - throw in a long embellished necklace and pumps that portray bright colors = WINNER.

Rule #5: 
Always carry a cute pair of ballet flats in your purse for walking from show to show since Fashion Week puts a little exercise in their schedule since all events are typically not in the same location. You never want to get too tired in the heels you've worn to impress and start to wobble mid-day - NOT a cute look!

Unspoken Rule: All in all - HAVE FUN: It is after all, FASHION WEEK.

I will end this article with a tidbit on another must during Fashion Week: Untapped Fashion & Music.
The Untapped Fashion & Music concept was created four years ago by Untapped Movement which shortly after was recognized by Fashion Mogul: Betsey Johnson. It's a one night event which currently takes place in London, Miami, Los Angeles as well as New York the night before Fashion Week and celebrates the emerging fashion & music industries.
Guests have the pleasure of enjoying Fashion via a live installation photo-shoot by a world renowned photographer rather than the typical runway standard in amidst performances by the hottest up & coming artists.

Will I see you looking fabulous in your Fashion Week wardrobe at Untapped Fashion & Music this year? I hope so! Here's all the information:

Always Fashionable,
Jordana Hazan

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  1. Good NYFW tips to have. As always the flats and fresh makeup i know for sure <3


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