Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Reasons Why I'm Excited To Bring My Acer ICONIA W5 Tablet To New York Fashion Week

This season for New York Fashion Week I’ve partnered with tech giant Intel to promote their brand new Acer ICONIA W5 Windows 8 tablet. I’ll be using my tablet to bring you exclusive coverage from inside the tents!

Here are 5 reasons why I’m excited to use it for New York Fashion Week:

1. Long Battery Life: Last season one of my major setbacks was having my phone die every few hours because I used it too much to post pictures and updates on all my social media sites. Charging took too long so I ended up missing a lot of great photo opportunities. This season, I’m looking forward to using my new Acer ICONIA W5 tablet for its extended battery life. It has a 9 hour battery life and up to 3 weeks of standby power.
2. Integrated Social Media: Social media is a huge part of Fashion Week so it’s essentially to keep up with at least the bare minimum of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for posting content. The Acer ICONIA 5 tablet seamlessly lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter through a special built in app called SocialJogger to check and post updates.
3. Great Speed: There are so many great photo opportunities happening every minute at Fashion Week from street style to shows. It’s necessary to have a device that instantaneously captures these moments and allows for quick uploading to social media sites. The Acer ICONIA 5W Tablet runs on Windows 8 with a 1.80 GHz processor which makes it one of the fastest tablets on the market and a perfect tool for keeping up with immediate postings.
4. Instant Email updates: My Fashion Week schedule is never truly finalized as there are always last minute email invites for events and after parties. The Acer ICONIA 5 Tablet conveniently shows you your emails and content in real-time which is great for checking last minute invitations. It’s the world's first Intel CPU-based tablet with Acer Always On technology that stays on and updated when you press it.
5. PC Desktop: Fashion Week is one of the busiest times of year when it comes to posting content so it’s necessary to be around a computer to write reviews. Lugging around a mini laptop to the tents isn’t practical as it’s both heavy and inconvenient to carry around in a bag. One of the coolest features of the Acer ICONIA 5 Tablet is that it gives you the same functionality as a PC with a full desktop that includes Microsoft office. It also lets you easily access files on all your devices with AcerCloud. You can either use the built in touch keyboard or purchase the additional actual keyboard that turns the tablet into hybrid laptop.

My Acer ICONIA 5 Tablet also gave me the perfect opportunity to finally use my special Fashion Week tablet case which I received a few seasons ago. It’s not only a great fit for the 10.1 inch tablet frame but also quite befitting for my special collaboration with Intel for New York Fashion Week!

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