Thursday, March 14, 2013

Macy’s Exclusive Marilyn Monroe Collection Preview Party

Macy’s unveiled their glamorous new Marilyn Monroe collection at a themed bash inside the Tribeca Cinemas in New York. The collection, created by LF USA and Authentic Brands Group, infused the actress’s iconic personality and retro styling into flirty and fun garments for the modern day fashion-forward girl. All of the pieces were inspired by the starlet’s legendary style and are currently available in 150 Macy’s stores and online at

I felt like I traveled back in time to the 1950’s when I walked into the Tribeca Grand. The décor was oozing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic Hollywood glamour and charm. 

One half of the room looked like Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room. There was a Marilyn like mannequin sitting in front of a dresser mirror next to a rack full of the new Marilyn Monroe collection. Other Marilyn Monroe wigged mannequins were sporting lovely dresses and separates. The mock ‘dressing room’ also featured Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic photographs. 

My favorite look was the above Marilyn Monroe Sleeveless Illusion Peplum dress. It’s so on trend with peplum but also very Old Hollywood like Marilyn. In fact the whole collection represents the modern day Marilyn Monroe. 

While perusing the new collection I also had a quick chat with Josh Saterman, Macy’s VP Fashion Director.

I’m so excited for this new Marilyn Monroe collection. Can you tell me more about it?

Josh Saterman: We were very inspired by her career and her life. It’s about the emotional connection that the young girl today has with her and her life. We felt like this would be a great collection for us to have at Macy’s. 

What were the top trends and how did they capture the signature Marilyn look?

Josh Saterman: We were inspired by her iconic pieces like her signature dresses. The other pieces that were really amazing were the graphic T-shirts. You’ll see silhouettes of her and pieces of her look from movie montages. The pieces represent that emotional connection to her life and career. 

The rest of my evening was spent mingling with fellow guests and trying out the selection of Marilyn Monroe themed cocktails and h'orderves. My favorite drink was the 'Blonde Bombshell' which was a mix of champagne, Apple Brandy, splash of Grenadine and garnished with two maraschino cherries. I must also mention the deviled egg h'orderves topped with caviar that Marilyn Monroe would certainly approve of.

Thank you so much Macy's for inviting me to celebrate your extraordinary new Marilyn Monroe collection! 

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