Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ocean Minded New York Yoga Studio Pop-Up Event

dOMAIN NY SHOWROOM invited me to their special Ocean Minded New York Yoga pop-up event.

Guests were treated to a complimentary Indo Board yoga class, manicures, pedicures, healthy snacks and great gifts.

The added bonus to the event were the breathtaking views of the Hudson River which provided the most serene atmosphere for the yoga class.

Lanette, Ocean Minded's Marketing Manager showed me their California cool collection of footwear which included flip-flops, flats, espadrilles and boots.

“Be Ocean Minded” is the whole essence of the brand. According to the company being Ocean Minded enables an individual to identify, visualize, and embrace their personal beach and water-oriented passions in the course of their daily adventure.

Ocean Minded believes recycled and sustainable materials should be utilized in footwear, apparel, and accessories whenever possible, and they consistently strive to achieve this. Since 1996 their “Ocean Minded” lifestyle involves working to Live, Protect and Respect the environment by organizing community beach clean-ups around the world.

My favorite Ocean Minded pair were the Women’s Waveseeker Ballet Flats. I loved the bright color and how lightweight they were. They're the perfect pair of flats to keep in your bag when you quickly need to change out of your heels.  

After seeing the Ocean Minded collection I had a chance to participate in the yoga class. This yoga class was very unique since we were given Indo Yoga Boards instead of mats. The Indo Yoga Board is designed to take yoga to the next level by adding instability. It features an all wood deck that has four rockers attached to the bottom. It was definitely an interesting experience to use the Indo board as you felt like you were doing yoga on a surf board. 

Right after yoga class I was treated to a relaxing manicure/pedicure. I wanted a nail polish color that was very Spring so I decided to go with a bright coral color by Essie. 

Thank you so much to dOMAIN NY SHOWROOM for inviting me to this fun event! 

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