Saturday, March 9, 2013

Paparazzi Moment Outside Lincoln Center During New York Fashion Week

Photo by David Geffin

As a Fashion Blogger I've been lucky to experience quite a few dream come true moments. Getting my photo taken outside Lincoln Center by paparazzi during New York Fashion Week was certainly one of them. It’s such an inexplicably euphoric feeling to be surrounded by a group of photographers who are all taking your picture. 

In that moment in time I felt exactly how a celebrity would. Cameras were flashing in all directions as I tried to focus on each individual lens so the photographer could get a good shot. 

It was day 4 of Fashion Week and I was wearing a vintage fascinator, Gabby Applegate Black Tank Blouse w/Leather Collar, Gabby Applegate Silver Leather Skirt and Aldo Neon Pumps.

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