Sunday, June 2, 2013

Coco Rocha Inspired Photoshoot: Wearing Fossil Sunglasses, Echo Scarf, Michael Kors Shoes & More!

Supermodel Coco Rocha is such an inspiration to me when it comes to modeling. She always pushes the envelope in every single shot. I love the way she poses and jumps when taking photos so I decided to attempt to do the same in my own photoshoot. I don’t think my modeling was a ringer for hers but it was definitely fun to try! 

I wore my favorite high low blue dress by Cefian which I paired with Michael Kors Berkley Leather T-Strap Sandals. You’ll see me sporting these babies in a few of my upcoming posts as well because aside from being a gorgeous pair shoes they’re also very comfortable. When you see 5 inch heels you don’t typically equate them with comfort but these literally feel like you’re walking on air! 

I completed my look with Fossil Sunglasses, Echo scarf and a LOGUE London belt which I was recently gifted. 

The Fossil sunglasses are the perfect shades for Summer as their versatile appearance fits almost every look from a dress to more casual-wear. 

I had so much fun playing around with the Echo Design scarf in the Summer breeze. It felt like I was wearing a beautiful abstract painting which literally enveloped my look in splashes of color.  

Sunglasses: Fossil
Dress: Cefian 
Belt: LOGUE London
Shoes: Michael Kors
Scarf: Echo

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