Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New York Fashion Week Diary Day 4: Wearing Edward Roth

My Edward Roth NY dress made me one of the most photographed women once again at New York Fashion Week. 

Edward Roth seamlessly combines cutting edge high-fashion with art. They define new standards for excellence based on the feminine spirit, intelligence, and taste of women who lead in a city always looking toward the future. 

For day 4 of New York Fashion Week I had a chance to wear their ‘Graceful Endeavor’ dress. I fell in love with the dress the moment I saw it on their website. The leather accent on top transitions into a tastefully revealing slit. The rest of the dress is made out of the finest silk with a stunning art rendition of a woman and a red swan. The dress ends with a meticulously draped bottom that creates the illusion of red ruffles for the perfect finish. It’s truly a work of art in every sense of the word. 

The second I put on the dress, I felt like a powerful, futuristic version of my self wearing the latest fashion of the future in the present day. There are no befitting words that could possibly describe the feeling of wearing such a beautiful piece of wearable art. 

Nairi, Edward Roth’s designer invited me to the showroom for a full-makeover for a ‘red swan’ look to go along with my Edward Roth ‘Graceful Endeavor’ dress. I was so excited to be their muse for day 3 of Fashion Week. 

Nairi introduced me to her incredible hair and makeup team. Hair was done by Darren Bay and makeup by Ava Lukacs. Darren is one of the most visionary hairstylists in the word of fashion today. His sense of style and unique way of looking at hair permeates with every avant-garde style he creates. Darren masterfully sculpted the most perfect bow for my hair and a futuristic pony-tail for Nairi. 

Ava was one of the most brilliant make-up artists that I’ve ever had a chance to collaborate with. My face became her canvass and with every stroke of the brush she transformed me in her vision of the red swan with bold red feathered like eye brows and a flawless complexion. 

Nairi and I made quite an epic arrival at New York Fashion Week as we rushed to catch the Custo Barcelona fashion show. I matched my Edward Roth ‘Graceful Endeavor’ dress with red Alice & Olivia heels while Nairi wore the Edward Roth ‘Carried Aloft’ dress with Chanel shoes. 

The day became an almost blur as almost every photographer lined up to take our photo. One of the most memorable photographers was of course the legendary Bill Cunningham who ever so swiftly took his iconic shot of our Edward Roth looks. 

Thank you so much Nairi and the Edward Roth team for giving me the opportunity to be your futuristic muse. Check out more of their incredible art meets fashion pieces on their website EdwardRoth.com.

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