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Wand for Eiji Salon Holiday Party + Exclusive Interview With Host Jackie Cruz from Orange is the New Black

Jackie Cruz from Orange is the New Black hosted Eiji Salon’s fabulous holiday party to help celebrate the launch of Wand for Eiji. Accompanying Jackie were her co-stars from the show, Alysia Reiner, Jackie Cruz, Vicky Jeudy and Diane Guerrero.

Eiji Salon, New York City's elite hair salon on Madison Avenue and home of the “Dry-Cut” technique, collaborated with Wand, an exclusive custom cut natural wig and hair accessories company, to create the industry's first ever hair rental service.

Wand for Eiji is the first renting model to hit the beauty space, offering a chance to own various hair looks, in a renting format. Wand blends the best of Japanese design and aesthetics with highest quality youthful hair in the world in a multitude of lengths, styles and hue tones. As the name suggests, Wand is the transformation of a new and temporary look without the long term commitment and for a fraction of the price. 

Wand for Eiji Salon stems from Eiji’s creativity and keen eye for design. With 99% imagination and 1% technique, all of Wand wigs are cut, styled and individualized by Eiji Yamane, founder of Eiji Salon. Much like other renting models that currently exist in the fashion and accessories spaces, women are able to rent hair for a certain amount of time and return the item(s) when finished. Once returned, the hair is treated in specialty formula to ensure the wig is sanitary for the next client. Wand hair will initially launch with 4 wigs, each with different styles and colors, at different lengths and will eventually branch out with hair extension rentals.

Wand will be the first and only destination for renting wigs, available at Eiji Salon on Madison Avenue in New York City and online.
Interviewing Jackie Cruz

I had a chance to meet and interview the lovely host of the evening, Ms. Jackie Cruz who plays Flaca on Orange is the New Black

1. I love the show Orange is the New Black and your feisty character Flaca. Can you give a hint at what we can expect next for the show and Flaca’s role?

Jackie Cruz: I can’t really talk about season two but what I can say is that the characters will do and say things you would not expect!

2. As a prison inmate on the show you’re so limited to beauty products. How do you and your fellow inmates improvise? 

Jackie Cruz: We use everything! Including pads to cover my eyes when I sleep at night because I need my beauty sleep. We improvise with a lot of things but they let us have eye liner. Sometimes we’ll even use eye liner for the lips. We’ll use one thing for everything.

3. Who are you wearing tonight?

Jackie Cruz: Calvin Rucker 

4. Your makeup looks fabulous tonight. What are some of your go to beauty products for events?

Jackie Cruz: As soon as I go out I put BB crème on from Dior because it looks so natural. I always have a lipstick no matter what. My favorite lipstick is MAC. Earlier today I wore a dark purple color called Cyber. Usually I wear MAC Riri or Dangerous color. I love the bright red MAC colors!

Jackie Cruz and me

I had so much fun interviewing Jackie and absolutely adored her floral Calvin Rucker two-piece! Jackie looked every bit the modern day old Hollywood movie star with her black and white floral print look and deep red MAC lipstick.

After my interview I went over to say hello to Eiji Yamane, the owner of the salon. Eiji is a renowned leader in the world of beauty. Before opening his unique salon on Madison Avenue, he studied for ten years under the direction of the late stylist-guru John Sahag. Eiji mastered and re-defined Sahag’s brilliant and legendary technique known as the “dry cut" which is one of the things his salon is most famous for. 

A model sporting a brilliant bright red wig from Wand for Eiji walked past me. I couldn't help thinking how much I wanted to try on the red hair she was wearing. I've been both a brunette and a blonde but haven't had the opportunity to be a red head yet!

Alysia Reiner and me

Next, I had a chance to meet award winning actress Alysia Reiner who plays Natalie Figueroa on Orange is the New Black. In addition to acting Alysia is also a producer, mother, humanitarian and outspoken environmentalist. 

Guests were treated to hair touch ups and three lucky girls received a full head of extensions.

My fabulous friend Michelle Grundman, an E-Commerce Manager for fashion giant Natori came along with me that evening. Michelle and I go way back. We met years ago at Frisch, a private Jewish high school in NJ. After high school we both pursued our fashion dreams in the city and of course kept in touch along the way. Michelle was definitely on trend with her fun floral dress which she effortlessly paired with a golden belt and black shoes. 

I spotted Cynthia, the talented stylist who gave me my first dry cut at the Eiji Salon. Cynthia rocked a long black velvet gown that evening. I was so excited to tell her that our interview about the dry cut she did on my hair made Google's first page. If you search for 'Eiji Salon' or 'dry cut' both terms lead to the feature I wrote about my experience at the Eiji salon. 

In between schmoozing with fellow guests I couldn't resist to try the delicious hors d'oeuvres that were being passed around the room. I didn't have a chance to eat dinner that night so I was very happy to take a little break and indulge. Who says fashion girls don't like to eat?! ;)

Jackie Cruz, me, Diane Guerrero and Vicky Jeudy

The best ending to my evening was the photo-op with some of the stars of Orange Is The New Black, Jackie CruzDiane Guerrero and Vicky Jeudy. 

I had such a great time meeting the girls from the show. Check out season two of Orange is the New Black in early 2014 on Netflix!

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