Sunday, November 2, 2014

“Alina Allure” by Fashion Illustration Artist Richard Vyse

I’m so excited and honored to share works of art that fashion illustration artist Richard Vyse recently painted of me.

Last week I posted a flashback portrait on my Facebook that Richard kindly painted of me back in 2012. 

Just one day after I posted the picture, Richard sent me these beautiful pictures that he just did of me.

His caption was “Alina Allure” and he certainly captured it very true to life. :) 

Richard has always had a passion for drawing fashion figures. Starting from the fashion model at school, creating art for advertising and teaching have all lead to his brilliant collection of fashion art.

He has worked with clients such as Vogue and Macy’s and is currently represented by Kew Gallery in New York and Nakeu Awai Gallery in Hawaii.

Thank you so much Richard for creating these brilliant portraits of me. I'm so honored and appreciative to be included in your art!

Visit to see more of his beautiful work.

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