Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New York Fashion Week Diary F/W15 Day 1: Wearing Natori and CHUCHU NY

The first day of New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time. The night before I was meticulously going through my wardrobe options for the week, and more importantly for the first day. My look for day one included an epic CHUCHU NY fascinator. CHUCHU NY makes couture millinery/accessories and is based in New York. They design and create exquisite one-of-a-kind headwear, custom made hat and jewelry for all occasions.

I paired the fascinator with a white Natori dress that matched the snowy tundra which had covered the city a few days prior. I've always wanted to wear a cool fascinator to fashion week and this season I was thrilled to find the perfect one. (Stay tuned for more posts featuring the rest of the CHUCHUNY fascinators I wore the rest of the week!)

Coincidently I ended up matching the E! sign inside the fashion week tents. It’s always been a personal dream of mine to do more red carpet hosting gigs... E! team, hire me! ;) 

My first day back at the tents was especially exciting as I had a chance to be interviewed by Ali Rivera from IMG. She asked about my outfit, my thoughts on trends and what kind of pizza I enjoyed the most. Obviously, the pizza question was the hardest as I can't choose just one favorite! ;) 

I spent a good portion of the morning before the shows with my friend and girl about town Rolise Rachel. It was great catching up and discussing which shows we had on our calendars for the week. 

After catching up with friends I went off to see the Desigual F/W 2015 fashion show. 

As always, Desigual put on quite a show full of bright colors and fun designs. 

After seeing the Desigual fashion show I went to peruse the featured collections from Giles and George Kotsiopoulos. The above were my favorite picks!

Before my day was over I had the absolute pleasure of running into Eboyne Jackson. I first met Eboyne when I was still in college at the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a college student I was eager to cover fashion shows at the tents and Eboyne gave me an opportunity to write for a magazine she was contributing to at the time. I’ll forever be thankful to her for giving me that chance. 

Check out the rest of the photos from my day below! 

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