Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Runway Ready with Jay Manuel's Cosmetic Line Exclusively at HSN

Jay Manuel, a celebrity makeup artist who’s most notably known for his work on America’s Next Top Model created a namesake makeup collection. I was thrilled for the opportunity to review it for HSN, especially after seeing Coco Rocha rave about it on her Instagram! 

Jay Manuel Beauty recently launched exclusively at HSN and it's selling out fast. The collection ranges from $20.00 for the Ultimate Lip Gloss, available in five colors, to $38.00 for the Skin Perfector Foundation, plus exclusive kits for $39.99. The brand is founded on Jay’s professional expertise and built around products and techniques that translate from the runway to real life. Jay believes that a woman’s appearance is an outward reflection of who she really is and Jay Manuel Beauty offers three unique looks to choose from:  Classic, Iconic, and Avant-Garde.  

I’ve always been a fan of Jay’s work and especially after meeting him a few years ago at Fashion Week. He was so nice, and the epitome of high fashion. His makeup line is truly a reflection of his aesthetic and more importantly looks just like the makeup that’s used on runway models. And, who doesn’t want to look like a gorgeous model?! 

I had a chance to try out his new Iconic 3 piece kit which includes an Intense Color Eyeshadow Quad-Narcotic, The Everything Pencil-Wicked (black) and the Ultimate Lipstick in Thrust (deep red). The kit is perfect to achieve bold lips and dramatic eyes. It was a great mix of colors that were true to the ‘Iconic’ name.

It was such a pleasure to use Jay’s gorgeous Iconic 3 piece kit and red Shameless Lip-gloss to achieve my signature dramatic eye makeup look with a classic red lip. I’ve broken it down by steps so you can do a similar look at home. 

Step 1: First, I put on a Nars primer on my eyelids to ensure that the eye shadow looks perfect and stays on the whole day. Then I applied the lighter shadow as a highlight right below my eyebrows.

Step 2: Next, I took another brush and applied the darker grey shadow and followed the shape of my eye. In order to properly accentuate your eye it’s very important to apply the medium dark shadow evenly. On top of the medium dark shadow I put on the lighter grey to blend in the tone. 

Step 3: I used an angled eye shadow brush and applied the dark shadow right in the upper corner of my eyes. Make sure this part comes across evenly. If you make a mistake I recommend taking a q-tip with lotion and tweaking any side that’s too big. To complete the shadow look I used my blending brush to slightly blend in the part where the dark grey meets the black. 

Step 4: Finally, I used Jay’s ‘The Everything Pencil’ to carefully draw a line right by my lashes. I completed the eye makeup look with Mac mascara. After this was done I finished my makeup by applying Clinique’s foundation for a flawless skintone. Next time I’m definitely eager to try Jay’s Skin Perfector foundation!

Here’s my finished look with Jay’s Iconic 3 piece set and Shameless red lip-gloss. The eye shadow was so rich and vibrant in pigment. It ended up lasting the whole day without even a hint of a crease. The eye pencil was also a pleasure to use as it came on really smoothly. Finally, my absolute favorite to apply was the red lipstick and lipgloss. Both were the perfect compliment to each other and the red color was absolutely stunning! 

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