Sunday, May 10, 2015

PUMA Summer 2015 #ForeverFaster Collection Preview

Athletic giant PUMA invited me to preview their new Summer 2015 collection of ‘Forever Faster’ sportswear. I’ve been on a total health kick and daily fitness regime these past few months so I was super excited to check out their newest collection. 

I usually wear a look that goes along with the theme of an event and this time was no exception! 

Instead of wearing heels and a dress I opted for my favorite PUMA sneakers, Members Only jacket, and vintage shorts. 

I’ve never worn sneakers to an event before but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it for the PUMA preview!  

PUMA's Summer 2015 preview was held at the Bowery in downtown New York and all the cool fashion kids from the city were invited. It was fun running into people I’ve met around the fashion world before. 

One of my absolute favorite new PUMA looks was the above salmon clash long leggings and matching sports bra.  

The matching salmon colored sneakers were of course one of my favorites as well!

PUMA treated guests to an awesome sneaker bar where they had the opportunity to customize their own PUMA sneakers with fun accessories.

Laced Up Laces gave away their cool, artsy laces that guests could match to their new PUMA kicks. 

I couldn’t resist trying on the above PUMA hat from their new collection. It coincidently matched the teal color on my jacket. Fashion fate?! 

SnowDays ice cream provided sweet PUMA themed treats for guests. 

I went with their strawberry fields themed ice cream with strawberry snow cream, fruity pebbles, strawberry pocky and chocolate sauce. Probably not the most healthy treat but definitely a well worth it cheat one! ;) 

Thank you so much PUMA for having me! I had the best time checking out the new Summer collection. (Want everything!

Check out more pictures below!

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