Friday, July 31, 2015

My Best Friend Robyn's Marie Antoinette Themed Birthday Party

I had the absolute pleasure of planning and hosting my best friend Robyn’s Birthday party. Party planning is one of my favorite things and I wanted to make her big day extra special. Throughout the years we’ve typically done themed Birthdays and of course this time was no exception. After carefully combing through options I decided to make a Marie Antoinette themed Birthday party for Robyn. 

Originally I was going to go with a high-tea during the afternoon idea, but ultimately decided for an evening affair since it was on a Monday.

Picking the perfect place was a bit of a challenge as I wanted a venue that would compliment the Marie Antoinette theme. I ultimately chose Lillie’s Times Square for Robyn’s Birthday and it was absolutely the right decision!

Lillie’s is a Victoria established that’s named after Lillie Langtry, a famous British socialite from the 19th century. She was notorious for her long list of prominent suitors, which included the future King of England, Edward VII. She was born on the Isle of Jersey, which lies off the southern coast of England, and was later known as the “Jersey Lillie”.

The ambience was very true to the Victorian era with lush décor of marble fireplaces and old century golden-framed paintings that would certainly befit a royal patron. I couldn’t help but be in awe of how well Lillie’s brought the Victorian era back to life. 

After finding the ideal venue, I set out to find royal themed dresses to wear. Luckily, I was able to get us gorgeous THEIA looks that were just perfect for Robyn’s Marie Antoinette themed party. 

Robyn wore a stunning meticulously beaded crystal dress that would certainly make the real Marie Antoinette quite jealous! I opted for a more demur but equally stunning embroidered look. 

The ornate wooden carvings and antiquities in Lillie’s were procured from a ballroom in an 1800s estate in Northern Ireland. The establishment combines an authentic ostentatious decor with a down-to-earth, mellow ambiance, that represents one of the last great Victorian “gin palaces” that once flourished in the industrial cities of Northern Ireland and England.

The selection of spirits was quite impressive! Lillie’s serves an eclectic, traditional menu and offers range of over fifty domestic and imported beers, both on tap and bottled, as well as a fine selection of whiskeys and scotches. Their hand-picked selection of wines, the majority of, actually come from the Langtry estate in California, which was founded by Lillie herself in 1888.

We ordered a selection of appetizers that included tuna tartare which was made with fresh tuna in a lemon-chili lime sauce, topped with sesame seeds and served with wasabi aioli and toast. Another one of my favorite appetizers was the truffle fries which were infused with rich truffle oil and tossed in shaved parmigiano-reggiano. In other words, absolutely delicious and a must to try if you ever visit Lillie’s! 

Robyn’s Marie Antoinette themed Birthday went as planned and the staff at Lillie’s were so great in helping me make sure it was an amazing experience. One of my favorite moments from Robyn’s Birthday was of course the candle-lit Crème Brulee dessert. Robyn blew out her Birthday candles in true Marie Antoinette themed fashion! 

Before the first half of Robyn’s Birthday ended we snapped this fun group shot of all our friends. 

While in conversation with Natasha, (the gorgeous babe in pink) I learned that she was good friend’s with Don O'Neill, the incredible designer who made the THEIA dresses that Robyn and I wore that evening. Such a small world! 

Thanks to all our friends who came out and helped celebrate Robyn’s epic Marie Antoinette themed Birthday!

After Lillie’s our friend Gene drove us to the mini after party he had set up at his awesome apartment on the Upper East Side. 

In true Marie Antoinette themed (modern) fashion the party was fully stocked with champagne, a sushi platter and lots of cake. 

I tasked Gene with finding Robyn a Princess crown for her after party and I’m happy to report that he did not disappoint! (Not an easy fete for a guy, quite impressed.) ;) 

Our Birthday Queen ended the evening by opening her presents and reading her ‘You are the Birthday Queen' themed card. 

I was thrilled that Robyn’s Marie Antoinette themed Birthday party + after party came together just as I had imagined it.

Happy Birthday again gorgeous, I hope this Birthday is just the start of an epic year to come, may all that you had wished for that night come true. xoxo

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