Friday, November 27, 2015

My Incredibly Epic Selfie Themed Birthday Party!

My 29th Birthday was quite literally the best Birthday I’ve had so far. Split into two parts, the first included a nice sit down dinner with my family at my favorite restaurant. My best friend Robyn coordinated the second part of my Birthday which she hysterically themed “Selfie” because of my insatiable knack to take every possible kind of selfie picture. 

For the second part of my Birthday I wore the above THEIA ivory beaded art nouveau cocktail dress, which I chose because it reminded me of something Daisy from the Great Gatsby would wear. 

My incredibly sweet friends coordinated such a thoughtful evening full of surprises for me that I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of this story. It made me realize just how lucky I am to have them in my life. This past year hasn’t been the easiest, but they’ve stood by my side through everything. Celebrating my Birthday with almost every single person I love meant the world to me, and was in itself the best Birthday gift I could possibly ask for. 

The first part of my Birthday included a nice dinner with my family at my favorite Italian restaurant. I wore a Cynthia Rowley dress which had symbols that reminded me of royal emblems. 

I ordered my favorite crab cakes with baby greens and a horseradish dipping sauce for the appetizer.

Dinner included my favorite rib eye steak which I order on almost every single Birthday!

My family ordered a lovely crème brulee dessert for my Birthday cake. I always wish for the same one thing every year, but maybe it will come true this time! ;)

My best friend Robyn planned the second half of my Birthday which as I mentioned she hilariously themed, “Selfie” and included every single possible selfie prop/present that went along with the theme. Weeks before my Birthday she hinted of it, but I could never have guessed that this is what she had planned! She even made awesome posters with inside joke phrases I say like the "OMG! I luv your dress" poster behind us! 

I also have to mention the awesome Birthday invite she made which said “It's our favorite fashion and society blogger's 29th birthday! Come out Saturday night and celebrate with Alina at a fashionable and fantastic party devoted to all things, you guessed it...selfies! 
So bring your fabulous selfie, and let's party! You can bet it will be like a gala that you don't want to miss! There will be a themed after party with some surprises!”

The party was held at Troy in the city, and I was so excited to see all of my good friends. My friend Hiromi looked especially stylish in a fur vest!

The evening was of course filled with lots of my signature selfies. Here’s a shot with my doppleganger Bayla. Our friends always joke that we look so alike! Initially my night started with taking pictures from the selfie stick my friends got me, but unfortunately it got lost.

I had such an amazing time at my Birthday party. Although I was a little terrified to hold that sparkler! 

My friend Gene was my unofficial photographer of the evening and chauffeur. (Insert laughing emoji here.) Thank you for ensuring my night was so wonderful!

I literally had the time of my life dancing the night away with my bestest friends. It was a moment I'll never forget to be surrounded by so many people I adore. 

After my party at Troy, we drove back to my friend Gene’s apartment on the upper east side for a selfie themed after party! My friends got me such a nice cake and the champagne was of course endlessly flowing! Total Great Gatsby evening, minus a Leonardo DiCaprio! ;)

Here’s a close up of my sweet Birthday cake. Thanks Gene for getting it for me!

One of my favorite Birthday presents was this awesome selfie hat that Robyn got me when she was Los Angeles.  

As if my selfie hat wasn’t the most thoughtful gift, Robyn also made me my very own selfie book! A SELFIE BOOK! She put together almost every memorable selfie I’ve ever taken in different scenarios from galas to fashion week. It was literally the best, most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. Thank you so much for putting together the most epic, amazing, incredible Birthday party I’ve ever had and to everyone who came and made it so special! I don't think I have quite enough appropriate adjectives to properly say how thankful I am. Love you DT!

Check out photos from my epic selfie book, and more photos from the party below! ☺

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