Sunday, May 8, 2016

Google Executive Shannon Snow's New York Launch Party For Namesake Tech x Fashion Collection + Exclusive Interview!

I was so excited to meet and interview Google Executive, and newly minted fashion designer Shannon Snow and her co-designer Rik during their exclusive launch party at the Jimmy James hotel in New York.  

Shannon is a Silicon Valley business executive. In her ten year career at Google, she has advised hundreds of start-ups, built international teams, and led business units responsible for up to $250M in annual revenue. She is passionate about education, and founded the first team at Google dedicated to helping EdTech companies grow and succeed. Shannon inherited her love of fashion from her mom and grandmother, who taught her that what you wear has the power to transform who you become.  

Based in California, Shannon launched her namesake dress collection inspired by the lives modern women lead. Her collection includes: being work friendly, easily transitional from day-to-night, jet-set + fitness ready, and of course super tech savvy! Essentially, everything a modern day working, multifaceted fashionista would need in her dresses!

I caught up with Shannon and Rik to hear more about how their cool tech x fashion collection got started.  

1. I would love to hear more about the collection, and how it came to fruition. You have such an interesting background in working with Google, and obviously being inline with the tech industry. How did all of this influence your new collection?  

Shannon Snow: I think that coming from the San Francisco perspective and working in tech, obviously there’s this image of the tech worker wearing a sweatshirt and a hoodie and being a man. Working at Google for the last ten years I realized that’s not the case. There are so many amazing women in the tech industry and they don’t always want to wear a hoodie, but they do want to be comfortable, look good, and be professional. I realized that there was this angle of can we make something that looks beautiful, looks powerful, is comfortable, but is also very functional.

2. I know you’re also involved in giving back to a charity called MAGIC, which supports science and tech education for girls. How did you select this particular charity?  

Shannon Snow: Everything that is sold in connection with this event is going to benefit MAGIC. I got connected with this because it’s also run by a Google employee who’s an engineer. She saw that there was this huge gap in women entering engineering so she recruited a bunch of women who are also engineers at tech companies around the country to help mentor girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them pursue careers in the industry.

3. You’re a Google executive and a fashion designer. Who has inspired you personally whether in tech or fashion? 

Shannon Snow: I was one of the junior managers when Sheryl Sandberg was still at Google and watching her work was just phenomenal. I mean you've seen her at Ted Talks and that’s how exactly how she would talk at a regular meeting. In terms of someone who just inspired a whole generation of women she’s absolutely up there! From a fashion perspective, I think Diane Von Furstenberg is huge. She definitely helped to embody the woman who are on the go and very empowered. I think those two are a killer combo and I would love to have dinner with them some day!  

4. Where can my readers find your collection?  

Shannon Snow: We’re just sold at right now. We wanted to create that direct relationship with the consumer and get a good feedback for future collections

Thanks Shannon for having me! It was such a pleasure to meet you, Rik and team. Coming from both the tech and fashion industry myself, it was fascinating to see how you seamlessly connected the two into one stellar tech x fashion collection for the modern day, tech savvy woman. 

Check out more of the photos from the event below! 

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