Friday, December 9, 2016

John Paul Ataker Showroom Visit + Preview of New S/S17 Collection Inspired by Ancient Assyrian Culture

I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to meet the team behind famed luxury fashion house, John Paul Ataker. My grand tour included a preview of John Paul Ataker’s new S/S17 collection, which I’ll go into detail about a bit later in the post and a chance to play dress up in my favorite John Paul Ataker gowns.

First, let me introduce you to Turkish born designer Numan Ataker, a fashion legend who really doesn’t need an introduction, as he’s been a leading force in fashion for the past few decades and the creative mind behind John Paul Ataker’s luxury gown empire.

John Paul Ataker designs for an independent and sensual woman who exuberates self-confidence. Numan's view of a woman is one of respect and appreciation for the role they’ve played in his life. He expresses this through the integrity of the fit, attention to intricate detail, quality and craftsmanship of each piece. From start to finish, his attention to utmost quality is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly and every sample is fit and refit to a specific model until it is absolutely perfect.

John Paul Ataker has been featured in a bevy of influential and celebrity publications like Italian Vogue, W Magazine, InStyle MagazinePeople magazine and worn by celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Taraji Hensen.

Here’s a look at one of my favorite dresses from John Paul Ataker’s S/S17 collection. This season’s collection takes us back to the designer’s family’s ancient Assyrian culture, inspiring classically modern prints and sculpted shapes that create an elegantly tailored silhouette to enhance the feminine form. Numan took reference from the abundant lush, floral gardens of Babylon, created by the king for his one true love, the goddess Ishtar, this season’s muse. The skillfully crafted designs begin with innovative yarns sourced from wood fibers such as viscose and acetate.

The brand’s core attributes of deliberate detailing and sculpted forms allows the John Paul Ataker woman to explore her interest in both feminine and masculine dressing through casually elegant blouses and trousers, and structured, tailored gowns. The Spring/Summer 2017 color palate ranges from light salmon, lavender, and sky blue hues to argil browns. Effortlessly refined pastels, noble prints and opulent references stem from Ishtar, the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon.

“Fabric gives voice to my needs, like a painting through which I can express myself. I can merge together different colors, quality of threads, and techniques to reach the pattern I want; this is a process that demands time and passion,” remarked Numan Ataker on his creative process.

Unexpected materials interweave while skeins of threads and prints appear in hemlines, bodices and sleeves, all of which are a nod to the ancient Assyrian kingdom. Trends for the season include asymmetrical lines, suit dressing, a monochromatic palette, contrasting piping and ruffle details, feminine silhouettes, cut-outs, and floral appliques.

The designer continued, “I used historical references to tell of my family’s heritage and the powerful civilization that has influenced architecture, art and fashion. Babylon’s daily culture was surrounded with beautifully engineered gardens that were unbelievably colorful and structured.”

I concluded my visit by trying on a gown I was eyeing almost the entire time. It was so unique, and beautifully constructed just like all of John Paul Ataker's pieces. One of my favorite things about this one was the illusion sheer fabrics which connected the gown in just the right places to make it sophisticated, but with just the right amount of that je ne sais quoin.

Thank you so much to the John Paul Ataker team for having me, and letting me play dress up in these incredibly beautiful, one of a kind gowns! #kidinacandystore

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