Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chadwick Bell Fall/Winter 2012: Romantic & Dangerous

Chadwick Bell Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Photo: Alessandro Viero /
Romance and danger collide to create the Chadwick Bell woman. As described in the press notes she is a perfect woman in an imperfect situation. Her look is polished, rich and refined, but she herself is dangerous. Entering opium dens and engaging in indulgences, she is only concerned with experiencing Euphoria—something beyond her reality.

In the pursuit of experience, she is always a worldly woman and her style is an abundance of treasures. Her exotic adventure is filled with fur, feathers, leather, gold jacquard, velvet and python. As beautiful as she is cruel, she is our Midnight Rose.

The Chadwick Bell Fall/Winter 2012 Collection was inspired by Picasso’s Boy with Pipe from the Rose Period, the feeling of Euphoria blends with romantic themes of blossoming flowers and baroque influenced embellishments. Ideas of mystery and seduction derive from Arlene Gottfried’s intimate portrait of Midnight at Bellevue hospital. The juxtaposition of the two works continue the ongoing battle between masculine and feminine, the vulnerable, the strong, the tuxedo and the rose.

Filled with unspoken seduction and glamour the collection featured an abundance of luxurious materials like silk, wool, leather, velvet, fur and even feathers. Dresses, jackets and separates were presented in various colors such as bright red, black, cream, blue, jade, cerulean blue and gold. My favorite look was the above silk organza degrade gown. I could just image wearing this gown with a faux black fur mini coat and attending a fancy gala. Très chic! 

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