Monday, February 27, 2012


Last week I attended the SARAH BORGHI cocktail party at the Carullo Art Gallery on 5th avenue. The Italian themed event was to celebrate the launch of the SARAH BORGHI BLACK LABEL in the States.

Inspired by the art and beauty of Italy, looking at celebrities like Sophia Loren and Monica Belluci, SARAH BORGHI BLACK LABEL is a line of Italian luxury hosiery made with precious yarns and creative patterns. It combines Italian lace-motif and comfortable fabric to create a glamorous vintage look to silhouette the body. 

The core concept of the collection is that hosiery is art which is precisely why the launch was held at an art gallery. Their motto is “when hosiery becomes art, it shapes the human form.”

I was lucky to get a pair as a gift at the event and I have to say I’m very impressed by the fit and intricate design. I’ve purchased a lot of hosiery brands but nothing like this. You can feel and see the difference when you wear it. 

The SARAH BORGHI cocktail party was truly one of the most interesting and memorable events I’ve attended in a while. I loved the collection as well as all of the beautiful art in the gallery.

Guests were also treated to lots of Prosecco champagne, cheese, strawberries and many other Italian treats. Did I mention how much I want to visit Italy? I was speaking to one of the Italian guests and she was describing it as such a beautiful place full of gardens and art. I definitely hope to visit one day…

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