Saturday, March 10, 2012

Katya Leonovich Fall 2012 Presentation: Architectural Art Inspired Fashion

It’s always interesting to see art inspired fashion. The Katya Leonovich Fall 2012 collection was one of the most artistically infused presentations that I’ve seen this season. Katya was inspired by paintings of New York City Buildings that she made herself.

The paintings were hung overhead as décor in the presentation and were the basis for the prints in the collection.
There was something about Katya’s art inspired collection that made it so romantic. You felt as though the models were living paintings standing before you in all their grandeur.

Each piece in the collection was also intricately cut and put together. It’s rare to see such a play on shapes and I think Katya pulled it off quite nicely.

My favorite pieces were the two ruffled painting dresses below. 

I also loved the below white structured dress. It's so different and nothing like anything I've seen before! 

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