Sunday, March 18, 2012

Malan Breton Fall 2012 Fantôme Collection

Photo by Tom Concordia
Malan Breton is known for coming up with interesting themes for his collections and this season was the best one yet. The Malan Breton Fall 2012 collection was entitled Fantôme. Malan was inspired by James Bond 007 for his Malan Breton HOMME collection and for the women’s collection he drew his inspiration from Transparency.

Sitting in the front row I felt as though I was whisked away into the new James Bond movie. Male models in impeccably tailored suits with matching bow-ties and neatly tucked in handkerchiefs walked the runway in true 007 style. Female models strutted down in classic yet sexy Malan Breton evening wear. My personal favorite was the below black dress with sheer long bottom.  
Photo by Tom Concordia 
"I want to show that what is on the inside of a woman makes her beautiful on the outside." Malan explained
Photo by Tom Concordia 
Jellyfish is used as a metaphor for Transparency; this free-swimming fish is graceful and translucent. The collection is ethereal and flowing. It is about inner strength, and the internal system. He uses Old English tailoring for construction, and some corsetry.
The Malan Breton Homme Collection is inspired after James Bond 007. "Mr. Bond instills confidence, intelligence, and Savour fare. " states Malan. He continues to use his signature Chinoise fabric. It is a special silk with flowing metallic treads. Malan's colors for men this season are strong Blue and Red.

Check out the video I took from the finale! 

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