Sunday, March 18, 2012

Melissa Joy Manning Fall 2012: Sustainable Luxury Jewelry

I had a chance to preview the Melissa Joy Manning Fall 2012 collection at the CIRCA Accessories Salon during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was interesting to learn how much nature inspired her work and how the collection is based on sustainability for the luxury industry. My personal favorite were the below red colored earrings. The material used looks so decadent and rich
About: Melissa Joy Manning jewelry is hand made in her Berkeley, California studio. Her work is eclectic and modern. Using recycled gold, silver, semi-precious and precious stones and found objects, her line blends traditional and modern jewelry by utilizing unconventional materials to create neoteric pieces. By creating unusual, limited edition pieces she hopes her jewelry transcends stylistic trends. Melissa relies heavily on our natural environment for inspiration. Her work has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, feature films and television shows.
“I believe that when the luxury industry leads by sustainable example we’ll create a trend that the rest of the industry will follow.”—Melissa Joy Manning

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