Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meeting 'Zombie' Model Rick Genest At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week I ran into the famous ‘Zombie’ model Rick Genest at the Brandon Sun presentation. Although it was nice to meet him the encounter was one of the most embarrassing moments for me. Let me explain...

I remember being completely exhausted that day and as I was walking into the presentation I saw Rick by the entrance taking pictures with a flock of fans. In my mind I knew exactly who he was. I mean he was discovered by Lady Gaga’s team, featured in the MUGLER men’s collection and did the famous “Go Beyond the Cover” campaign with Dermablend makeup where his tattoos were covered in foundation to demonstrate the makeup’s effectiveness. (see below video)

Anyway I walked over and asked if I could take a photo with him. There was something about his personality that seemed so kind and different. He even gave me his sunglasses to wear for the photo. I’m a little upset about the picture to be honest because it came out kind of blurry with my i-Phone but that’s a whole different story!

I guess it was the disbelief factor that it was really him set in that prompted me to ask Rick “what’s your name?” A second after uttering that regrettable sentence the girl next to me loudly announced “that’s Rick Genest, I can’t believe you don’t know who he is!” Embarrassed and mortified I quickly walked away to the other side of the room. Rick by the way just politely smiled at me... 

Rick, if you ever read this blog post. I knew exactly who you were and I'm a huge fan of your work!

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