Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brandon Sun Fall 2012: Fur Adorned Silent Assassins

Brandon Sun was one of my favorite designers to see this season. Although a newcomer to the tents, Brandon delivered a distinctly original and cohesive collection which was inspired by sword wielding heroines that told a tale of peaceful ferocity—“Silent Assassins.” He layered his signature luxury fur accessories with a new palette of textures which included cracked leather, cashmere-gauze, knits, chiffon and lace.

Artificial smoke was circulated around the room to create an atmosphere of mystery and drama. True to the collection’s theme of “Silent Assassins” the models looked ready to draw a sword from each of their perfectly crafted Brandon Sun looks.

As noted in the press notes Brandon Sun offers clothing to women who are today’s initiators, leaders, and innovators. These are ageless clothes that quietly define strength and pragmatism; versatility; fearlessness; freedom.

Visit to learn more about this fabulous designer! 

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