Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rebecca Taylor Fall/Winter 2012: Dark and Edgy

photo courtesy of
(crinkle jacquard jacket with sequin print tank dress)

Rebecca Taylor focused on her darker side for the Fall 2012 collection. Colors like black, gray, purple and navy set the mood for the show. Fabrics included wool, leather, velvet, herringbone and chiffon.

This collection was definitely not something you would expect from the usually bright and feminine designer but it was interesting to see her produce these edgier looks. Although more subdued you could still see her usual girly accents in pieces like the crinkle jacquard jacket with sequin print tank dress and glitter print dress both of which flowed down the runway quite nicely. 

My personal favorites included the snake velvet burnout dress. (Velvet is one of my favorite materials!) 
photo courtesy of
(glitter print dress)
photo courtesy of
(snake velvet burnout dress)

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