Sunday, April 1, 2012

Farah Angsana Fall 2012: Socialite Inspired Fine Luxury

Catering to jet setting socialites around the globe the Farah Angsana Fall 2012 collection made you believe in the magic of fine luxury womenswear.  

I had the privilege of being invited to see Farah Angsana's collection once again this season. With such a fond memory of her brilliant presentation last September I could hardly wait to see her Fall 2012 fashion show. Mouths dropped when the first look came out. It was the above encrusted crystal bodice with black silk gazar gown. Truth be told my mouth stayed open until the end of the fashion show as each look was more breathtaking than the next. What I love most about Farah Angsana is that she’s not afraid to show it off for the sake of glamour. The opening gown with the high slit set the stage for one of the most enchanting collections of the season.
For her Fall 2012 collection Farah was inspired by a woman who travels the world just like the designer herself. According to the press notes that woman is of high glamour and culture, and appreciates the fine detailing in luxury. 
Women have worn her pieces on the red carpet and as well as to high society events in places like Paris, Rome, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, and elsewhere across the globe.
Colors ranged from simple ivory and black, to attention demanding shades of blue, scarlet red, tangerine, emerald green, and divine violet. Dresses that featured crystal and sequin embellishments, ruching and lace detailing assisted in bringing out the colors and quality of the fabrics.
Luxurious fabrics were in high variety and ranged from chantilly lace, silk chiffon, silk wool, wool crepe, and tweed lurex. 

Although each look was memorable nothing compared to the below finale Shanghai blue dragon scale embellished tulle gown. The gown was completely sheer with strategically placed shimmering peacock feathers. 

Check out Farah Angsana:

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