Monday, April 16, 2012

Les Envers: Italian Stain-Proof Handbags

I received an email all the way from Italy from Italian designer Sara Turatello who designs unique stain-proof handbags for her brand Les Envers. Her new Spring 2012 collection features a selection of totes, satchels and clutches. Aside from the great design I was particularly excited about the stain-proof material as I personally always manage to spill something on my bags!

Here is a very brief interview with Sara to give you an idea about the new collection.  

1. Can you tell me more about Les Envers?
I'm Sara Turatello, an Italian fashion designer. After studying at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan (where I created the name of brand for my first collections for the school). I began my career at Vivienne Westwood and then to Giorgio Armani, then I decided to continue my work career with different factory to grow up and learn to develop the product from the ideal project to process until the final achievement so my dreams come true: from the design phase of the process till the pack final.
Les Envers it's me. Les Envers loves, dreams, creates, hates, destroy, flies, both falls and rises, flies, and dreams realized, creates, destroys and recreates, re-creates , destroys and flies, loves, hates and creates...Les Envers is everything is the opposite of everything.

2. What was your inspiration for the new Les Envers Spring/Summer 2012 collection?
I thought that many times the fabric bags are not purchased because I can not take advantage of the winter due to bad weather and rain, so I thought of a waterproof fabric... The hand painted? I thought that the nail polish in cosmetics is now a super trend, why not recreate the same thing in accessories paint not nails, but the bags... I love nail polish! The spots are inside and the anti-stain is outside.. the opposite of everything!

The collection is developed in different models with a wide and sophisticated color palette:
-Leather with stitching and contrasting colors (Line "Les Contrastes")
-Fabric "stain" (waterproof to each liquid) with contrasting leather
(Line "Les Infinitins")
-Fabric "stain" hand-painted giving the effect of nail polish with
contrasting leather (Line "Les Vichy")

Here is a video of the fabric with stain-proof technology. This is a waterproof fabric specially treated to resist any liquid. 

Check out Les Envers:

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