Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Norma Ishak F/W 2012: Feather and Fur Adorned Luxury Accessories

Designer Valerie Mouawad recently contacted me to introduce her new Fall/Winter 2012 collection for her luxury accessories company Norma Ishak. I'm always excited to learn about new brands and especially ones that I would personally wear and recommend which would certainly be the case for Norma Ishak. Their new collection is full of the two things that I love most in fashion which are feathers and fur! In fact the below knit cape with feathers reminds me of a recent Black Swan inspired look that I wore this season to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Another one of my favorite pieces was the above shoulder cut cape with blue feathers on top. What I love most about this look is its GEF factor (grabs attention, exudes luxury and fits nicely to the body.) 

I was curious to learn more about the brand and the new Fall/Winter 2012 collection so I emailed Valerie a few questions. Check out what she had to say! 

Tell me about Norma Ishak?   

Norma Ishak is a luxury accessory line that celebrates the individual style and personality of the contemporary woman. 
Collecting rare and luxurious yarn from around the world is a passion that I acquired from my mother Norma. Together, we transform the yarn into unique pieces of wearable art. We continue to regularly present eye-catching ranges of truly unique luxury knitwear made with only the finest fabrics, beads and feathers in the world. Today, as always, I personally design and inspect each piece in my high quality, fashion-forward collections.

What was your inspiration for the F/W 2012 collection? 

My inspiration for my latest collection came from images I come across or structures and objects in my environment, but mostly I am inspired by yarn, color, and the act of knitting. So, my designs often utilize simple stockinet and garter stitch, showcasing beautiful yarns. I always love to use unexpected material in my items, from feather, fur, Swarovski crystals, pearls, Beads...Over the past 30 years, my mom has built an incredible collection of rare yarns from across the globe. Today, many of my scarves from these vintage one-of-a-kind yarns from her personal collection.   

Tell me about the type of woman that you see wearing Norma Ishak?
The perfect client for NORMA ISHAK scarves would be a woman who is sophisticated, unique, exclusive, beautiful, and eludes creativity. She would be a professional woman, housewife, mother or sister that wants to be outstanding and has appreciation for fine quality. She will want to add a touch of art, a touch of warmth, a touch of color to her wardrobe in order to show her creativity and power as a woman.

Where can we buy your pieces?

Check out Norma Ishak's

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