Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fabergé Flagship Launch Cocktail Party with the New York Botanical Garden

Recently I attended a fabulous garden party to celebrate the launch of Fabergé’s new flagship store located on 694 Madison Avenue. The timeless Russian royalty inspired jewelry house hosted the event in conjunction with the New York Botanical Garden. The event was held at 620 Loft & Garden where breathtaking views of the city served as the background. 

The weather that day was picture perfect between the warm temperature, blue skies and sun slowly setting down as if to set the perfect lighting for the garden party. I was memorized by the beauty of the picturesque views of the city as well as the equally gorgeous guests that had started to arrive.
From left: Gillian Hearst Simmonds, Olivia Palermo, Katharina Flohr, Whitney Fairchild, Cristina Cuomo, Nathalie Kaplan at the Fabergé Flagship Opening Garden Party with the New York Botanical Garden 

One of my favorite guests to meet was Olivia Palermo. I've seen her countless times at New York Fashion Week but our paths never officially crossed. It's funny because a few years ago one of my favorite shows was The City starring Whitney Port, Olivia Palermo and Joe Zee. I remember watching the show when I was a student at FIT and dreaming about my future in fashion as well as an opportunity to meet these people whose work I admired so much.

Little did I know that a few years later I would get a chance to work with Joe Zee and be a guest on his TV show All On The Line, meet Whitney at New York Fashion Week and now get a chance to run into Olivia at the Fabergé flagship launch event. This fashion blogger's dream felt like it came true three times over!
Olivia Palermo and I at the Fabergé Flagship Opening Garden Party with the New York Botanical Garden 
Guests at the event were also treated to cocktails, champagne, delicious hors d'oeuvres and Russian caviar. I'm originally from Russia so naturally I was delighted to try the caviar. I haven't had caviar in quite a while and combined with champagne it was absolutely euphoric.
Of course the event wouldn't be complete without the actual Fabergé jewelry present. The Russian royalty inspired pieces sparkled in an adjacent room near the garden party. As a Russian princess at heart I loved the stunning presentation of jewels. Fabergé will certainly add a taste of Russian glamour to the Upper East Side with its new boutique on Madison Avenue. 
The story of Fabergé is inextricably linked to the lives, loves and tragedy of the last Romanov Tsar Nicholas II and his Empress Alexandra, and to the Russian Revolution that changed the course of world history. Of Huguenot origin, with a febrile imagination, protean talent and entrepreneurial instincts, Peter Carl Fabergé became jeweler and goldsmith to the great Russian Imperial Court, creating exquisite jewels and objects, including the legendary series of lavish and ingenious Imperial Easter Eggs. Click here to read more about the history of Fabergé and see more of the collection. 

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