Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Outfits For New York Fashion Week Spring 2013

 Day 1: 
Synderela dress
Kensie bracelet
Vintage black sunnies 
Jessica Simpson heels

About the Look:
Since my dress was by Synderela I built my look around a modern day princess theme. It was an easy look to put together because the dress was so reminiscent of royalty with the long coral bottom and the gorgeous slit. When I was accessorizing I wanted to keep it simple so all of the attention would be focused on the dress. I paired the look with simple black heels by Jessica Simpson and a jeweled bracelet by Kensie. The vintage sunnies were added for a glamorous touch. 

 Day 2: 
Eliza J dress
Jeffrey Campbell shoes
 Kensie ring

About the Look: 
The dress was obviously the center of attention so again I wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum. The gold belt came with dress so when choosing the shoes I decided to buy a pair that had some element of gold in them. I found a gorgeous pair of gold and silver Jeffrey Campbell heels in Nordstrom that went perfectly with this dress. Finally, I added a long jeweled ring by Kensie to complete the look.

Day 3: 
Yoana Baraschi dress
Vintage necklace
Kensie Ring
Jeffrey Campbell shoes

About the Look: 
I loved wearing this Yoana Barashchi dress! The print on the dress reminded me of an ancient Japanese drawing that's full of mystery and intrigue. I paired the look with a sparkling vintage necklace and a jeweled ring by Kensie. I was lucky to have my hair done by the John Barrett braid bar which took place at the Empire Hotel. I went with a classic braided updo to compliment my glamorous Yoana Barashchi dress.

 Day 4: 
Vintage neon skirt and black lace shirt
Vintage cat eye sunnies
Kensie neon earrings and ring
Jessica Simpson shoes

About the Look: 
I'm not a huge fan of 80's trends but that kind of changed over the Summer when I really became in love with neon! I first bought the neon vintage skirt. Next, I found the black lace shirt which I wore with a strapless mini tube top underneath. These three pieces ended up coming together so well! I decided to add more neon accessories so I wore neon earrings and ring by Kensie. The shoes were simple and black because I didn't want to over do it.

 Day 5: 
Eliza J dress
Kensie Bracelet
Jessica Simpson heels

About the Look: 
The coral Eliza J dress was from their royalty collection which was inspired by Kate Middleton. I loved wearing this dress because bright coral is my absolute favorite color! I paired the look with a jeweled bracelet by Kensie and simple black heels by Jessica Simpson.

 Day 6: 
Eliza J Dress
Flower headpiece by That Madonna Girl
Vintage pearls
Ring by Kensie
Wedges by Bamboo

About the Look: 
I was very much inspired by Elizabeth Taylor for this look. There was something about this classic pink Eliza J dress that was so reminiscent of the icon. Glamour played a big role when it came to accessorizing. I thought what would Elizabeth Taylor wear with this dress? The first thought that came to mind was pearls! I found a vintage pearl necklace in my jewelry box but it didn't seem enough so I paired it with another black mini pearl necklace. Simple black wedges seemed to go best with this look although I almost wore heels! During my day at Fashion Week I was given a gorgeous flower headpiece by That Madonna Girl which I think completed my look.

Photo by David Geffen photography
Day 7: 
Eliza J Dress
Vintage sunnies
Kensie neon ring
Aldo neon shoes

About the look: 
Wearing this black cape dress by Eliza J was so much fun! I kind of felt like fashion bat girl in it; ready to rescue Gotham city with fashion tips and styling advice. Neon was the best possible color that would dress up this look even more. A week before Fashion Week I ordered a gorgeous pair of shiny neon pumps by Aldo that I knew would just look perfect with this dress. They were scheduled to be delivered on the last day of Fashion Week which is when I was planning on wearing the black cape dress. It was already 3pm and I was waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I almost lost hope and wore my black heels which I knew would not have been the same. 10 minutes before I had to leave for Fashion Week my neon pumps came! It was definitely fashion fate for me to wear them with this outfit and I couldn't be happier that I did. In addition to the neon pumps I wore my neon ring by Kensie and black vintage sunnies. 

Which look did you like best? Comment below what you loved the most! 

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