Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Helios & Luna Spring 2013 Preview and Exclusive Interview with Designer Patricia Clyne

I stopped by the Helios & Luna showroom to preview their new Spring 2013 collection which was filled with many popular trends like bright colors, sheer materials, peplum skirts as well flower print pants.

The brand’s designer Patricia Clyne gave me the inside scoop on her new collection.

What was your inspiration?

Patricia: I started out with my own aesthetic which is clean, minimal but there’s also layering of details and dimension to it. A lot of seaming on the outside, strips of fabric and the peplum in a way becomes another version of that. I’m really quite fond this season of all of my outside seaming and how I was able to mix shear fabrics and another layer to make them more opaque and more wearable. I also love the netting as it adds a dimension to the clothing. I started calling it couture sports. It’s taking what is traditionally an active-wear component and bringing it into an every day kind of wear-ability. On a personal aesthetic, graphics are really important. I think it’s a way to add personality to something and still keep it very minimal. 
What are the top trends for this collection? 

Patricia: I would have to say that the netting and the cut out leather. The idea of netting with the opaque. Also, we did the organza which follows that same trend of sheer, opaque that shows a little bit of skin.
Do you think we’ll see more of the flower print pants like the ones in your new collection for Spring 2013?

Patricia: I think so! Somebody’s going to wear the pants and make them look dressy and proper. Somebody else is going to wear them and match them with a checkered shirt for a downtown look. I think it has a lot of possibilities and it feels right!  

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