Saturday, November 3, 2012

Efva Attling's Inspirational New Jewelry Collection + Exclusive Interview

Efva Attling and me 

I had the incredible pleasure of meeting famous jewelry designer Efva Attling and seeing her new collection.  

Efva is unlike any other jewelry designer I've ever met. In person she’s full of so much warmth, character and strength. She infuses these characteristics into her jewelry by adding meaningful messages which she calls “beauty with a thought.”   

Her new collection includes a selection of unique jewelry with powerful messages. Efva worked with photographer Mattias Edwalls to capture images of people that reflect the meaning of select pieces. 

Tell me about your collection. What was your inspiration? 

Efva: To put the meaning behind the jewelry was really challenging like who should perform the vision of my jewelry. I have this sexy friend who can have passion cuffs on with the passion ring which is like two rings connected with a chain. Then there was this little girl. I like to do jewelry which everyone can afford but this was a very expensive piece. I put the Rosé Dream necklace on this very young girl. That’s her dream and I think dreams can come true.

 Rosé Dream necklace

It looks like all of your dreams have come true. You've had such an amazing career from modeling, being a pop singer and now a jewelry designer. How has those life experiences influenced your career as a designer? 

Efva: I think for me I have to be brave for myself and that can inspire other people. Reach for the stars and end up in the tree tops. I think you can actually come up higher than the tree tops. When I get an idea I’m really crazy about it so I get so focused and forget everything else. Then I’m ready to jump for that idea I have. I’m not holding myself back because I wont sit down and regret anything. I put a lot of power into my jewelry for other people as well. To boost people. I feel really happy when I meet someone who says to me that my jewelry gives them strength. 

Silver necklace with "Me, myself & I" engraving

You've put a lot of inspirational messages into your jewelry. What has been your favorite message? 

Efva: I would say “Amor Fati” which means the love of our destiny. I think we've been given this life and it’s up to us to make the best of it.  

Silver with black onyx necklaces, earrings and a ring

After interviewing Efva I felt incredibly inspired to keep reaching for my dreams. She's truly someone who's always lived her life to the fullest and now inspires others to do the same through her jewelry.  

Check out Efva Attling's:

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