Thursday, November 1, 2012

K-Fashion Sensation Presentation and Party Hosted by Patricia Field

Patricia Field and me at the K-Fashion Sensation Presentation

The K-Fashion Sensation presentation and party was one of the most fun events that I've been lucky to attend so far. It was held at the fabulous Dream Downtown hotel in New York. 

Legendary stylist and fashion icon Patricia Field styled the presentation and also hosted the event. Morine Comte Marant and Buckaroo Jeans were the two featured Korean brands. The presentation's theme was “Good Girls Love Bad Boys” and was meant to contrast Morine Comte Marant’s flirty, feminine style against Buckaroo Jean’s tough, masculine image. 

Notable guests included Patricia Field, Richie Rich, Robert Verdi, The Blonds as well as many models, buyers, stylists and press. 

KILL THE DJ spun K-Pop music as guests enjoyed yummy Korean hors d’oeuvres and Korean Soju cocktails. At one point the life-like mannequins were hard to tell apart from the actual guests who were dressed in a similar fashion. 

I had a chance to meet and chat with Patricia Field which was a complete dream come true! I've been a huge fan of her career, especially her styling work in Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada. In person she was so nice and the first thing that she said to me was "thank you for coming!" That was definitely a pinch me kind of moment!

The rest of the night I spent dancing with the cool kids as the event turned into a full fledged club party. 

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