Monday, December 24, 2012

Laykh’s Exotic Skin Handbags Preview + Interview With Designer Kashish Hemnani

One of my favorite things to do as a Fashion Blogger is meet new designers. Each has their own unique story and it’s fascinating for me to know more about it. 

I recently had a chance to meet Hong Kong based handbag designer Kashish Hemnani at the Grand Central Hotel in New York City. She was showing her new collection of exotic skin handbags called Laykh.

Her skin selection includes Python skins treated in Italy. Ostrich, Stingray & Lizard skins treated in South America and Caiman Crocodile & Alligator skins treated in Singapore. The skins are then handcrafted into Laykh hangbags by skilled artisans in Hong Kong.
Alina Fayer and Designer Kashish Hemnani
There was an unparalleled level of beauty to Kashish's exotic skin bags. Each seemed like a timeliness work of art in its own right. I was excited to know more so naturally a mini interview ensued. 

Tell me about the new collection?

Kashish Hemnani: I try to add different shapes to every collection. I keep all the skins as simple as possible. I don’t like using hardware because I feel like it dates the piece. I would like you to buy a clutch today and use it in 5-10 years. Everything is classic and simple. Good quality skins and clean craftsmanship. There are different shapes and fun colors every season. Messenger bags are in so my new season has a lot more to do with that. 

You use a lot of exotic skins for your bags. Can you tell me about your selection for that?

Kashish Hemnani: I just find all the skins are so beautiful. They don’t really need anything else but a nice shape. I’ve always had an affinity for them so I decided to do it. It’s all I wanted to do. I also do basic lamb skins. I can do satin bags. I can basically do anything that anyone would want in a bag. My favorites are exotic skins so I just chose to continue to do that. 

I know there is a special meaning to the name Laykh. Can you tell me about it and why you chose it?

Kashish Hemnani: In my language it means destiny. I had a law degree then I went into business development then to PR. I’ve finally decided to do this and for the first time I actually enjoyed what I was doing. It just kind of worked. When someone told me that name I really liked it. I went online and I couldn't find the dot com so I was like perfect! I bought it and it just started. 

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