Sunday, January 13, 2013

Celebrating Michael Aram’s New Dinnerware Collection During Exclusive Style My Plate Event

Alina Fayer and Michael Aram

Michael Aram is one of the most interesting people that I've ever met. He’s the famous artist behind gorgeous dinnerware sets and furniture that is handmade in India. 

Last week I had the pleasure of attending his “Style My Plate” event which included a personal meet-and-greet and a styling session to celebrate his new dinnerware collection.
The event took place at his gorgeous flagship store on 136 West 18th Street in New York. When I arrived I was greeted by Michael and his lovely PR team. They showed me the new Michael Aram Fine Porcelain collection which is made from Limoges porcelain and designed to reflect the way you are entertaining today – incorporating ease and comfort without sacrificing grace and detail. 

Michael Aram Fine Porcelain Dinnerware Collection

There are three motifs based on popular Michael Aram metal designs: Olive Branch, Botanical Leaf, and Black Orchid. There are also two texture collections: Cast Iron and Silversmith, with a hand-hammered platinum band. All the pieces are designed to mix and match and integrate perfectly with Michael’s existing array of metal, glass, wood and stone serving and decorative objects.

I had such a fun time styling my own plate setting. My personal combination included the: Cast Iron dinner plate, Black Orchard salad plate, Silversmith Tidbit plate and Black Orchard cup

I almost felt like Alice in Wonderland having a mock tea session with Michael. It was quite a unique experience that I'll never forget! 

You can also experience the mix and match versatility by visiting the interactive Michael Aram Dinnerware styling site: 

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