Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Outfits For New York Fashion Week Fall 2013

Day 1: Edgy Hollywood Movie Star

About the Look:
My look was centered around the beautiful Norma Ishak blue feathers and fur shrug. It’s such a strong piece so I wanted the rest of my clothes to serve as a compliment for it. Norma Ishak is famous for creating luxury handmade accessories and using the finest fabrics and feathers in the world. I was completely obsessed with this shrug the minute I saw it as it as it reminded me so much of blue fire. I envisioned an edgy Hollywood movie star look so I paired the Norma Ishak piece with leather leggings, round blue rim sunglasses and spiked booties. The outfit was my own modern version spin on Olivia Newton-John’s iconic look in Grease. 

Day 2: Red & White Russian Royalty

About the Look:
I was influenced by Imperial Russia and the grandeur of their fashion when putting this look together. The red Norma Ishak fur piece was so reminiscent of this Russian era that I couldn't imagine going for any other theme. I paired the red fur neckpiece with a snow like dress by RUE DE for a modern Russian royalty look. The dress had such an interesting texture that literally reminded me of snowflakes. I wanted to make sure that the look was color balanced so I added a bold red lipstick to match the red fur. I wore black leather leggings to match the black trimmings on the neckpiece. 

Day 3: Eclectic 1920’s Glamour 

About the Look:
This was one of my favorite looks to wear. Each piece came together so perfectly in this eclectic 1920’s glamor theme. I first picked out a stripped, sheer top by Handkerchief. It’s a fabulous brand from Hong Kong that mixes art and fashion. I paired the top with a cool asymmetrically cut blazer by CRES. E DIM. I’ve never seen such an interesting blazer. It reminded me of origami with its fascinating twists and turns. Kim Hongbum is the designer of the brand and was also one of the participants in Korea’s Project Runway. My leather pants were by Sylvie Schimmel Paris. They’re known for being quite masterful with using high quality Parisian leathers and fabrics. I completed the look with a vintage fascinator that matched the cream color of both my top and blazer. 

Day: 4 Leather & Neon Glam

About the Look:
I started this look with a skirt by a lovely L.A. based designer named Gabby Applegate. Her clothes are so chic and feminine. I instantly gravitated towards her silver leather skirt because it was such a flashy, eye catching piece. I wore it with a black tank blouse with a leather collar which was also made by Gabby. Leather was definitely a recurring theme in my outfit. Obviously, I couldn't resist adding another 'look at me' factor to my outfit when I paired it with a vintage black fascinator and my favorite neon pumps by Aldo.  

Day 5: Italian Glamour Girl

About the Look:
It was all about Italian glamor for this look. I picked out a dress by RUE DE which is a brand known for using the most luxurious Italian and Japanese fabrics that create iconic European styles with a hint of 18th century impressionism. I paired the dress with a feather shawl by Italian designer Claudio Cutuli. Claudio comes from a family of five generations of dyers and weavers so fashion is literally in his blood. He’s known for using the most exquisite fabrics for his shawls, wraps and scarves. These fabrics include hemp, linen, bamboo, silk and cashmere. They're carefully hand-woven on 30’s ancient family looms and dyed using carefully selected premium raw materials.   

Day 6: Futuristic Spring Chic

About the Look:
The star of my look was the Edward Roth dress which had a brilliant digital art design by artist Elena Vizerskaya. The company is known for using high end materials like silk and adding intricate futuristic digital artistry. 
It's a Spring look but I couldn’t resist wearing it now because it was such a strikingly piece. The challenge came in accessorizing it without detracting from the beauty of its design. I came across a classic red hat by Laila Rowe which added a necessary splash of red color to the dress’s Springy hue of blue and green. All the look needed was a great pair of shoes to tie it all together. There wasn't a more befitting pair than my blue pumps by Bakers which perfectly matched the blue color of the dress.  

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