Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preview of Eliann Couture, Luxury Exotic Skin Handbags + Interview with Designer Anzhelika Steen-Olsen

Eliann Couture handbags are defined by their exquisite craftsmanship, luxurious skins and precious metals. I first discovered Eliann Couture when I met the brand’s designer, Anzhelika Steen-Olsen at the Depesha magazine party a few months ago. 

Anzhelika's seamless integration of timeless structure and exotic skins create the perfect recipe for her luxury handbags. 

I recently caught up with Anzhelika for an exclusive interview on the meaning behind Eliann Couture, her inspiration and much more. 

Check out the full interview below!

Designer Anzhelika Steen-Olsen poses by one of her handbags at The Look Store located on 30 Lincoln Center in New York 

1. Eliann couture is such an interesting name. What is the meaning behind it?

Upon my daughter’s arrival, so came the birth of my brand. Eliann (pronounced as ILIAN) was named after my daughter, Elianna. I also experienced a personal rebirth with passion and desire to create artistically and celebrate my connection with my daughter. This carries her call and continues a love affair with inspiration.

2. Your handbag line is made from the most luxurious skins. Which skins have been your favorites to work with?

We use exclusively hand-painted, only the finest exotic skins and hardware and insist on top of the line workmanship. With that said, I love working with Ostrich because it's the softest overall and has just the most luxurious feel. Stingray in particular is widely regarded as a difficult exotic hide to work with because of its hard surface, but affordable and so in this season in array of distinctive hues.

Albeit, I believe that especially when it comes to status-symbol skins, alligator is the preferred number one skin in the world, always has been and always will be, especially in the application of a high-end handbag.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from when designing Eliann couture?

I’m a musician and as most artists have been around the proverbial block often enough to realize that music is one of the most attainable dichotomies of the spiritual and creative world. I implement use of music as a creativity endorphin almost daily. Life inspires me as it is a plethora of experiences.
I’m inspired by nature, culture, children, beauty, architecture and especially by the Mid-Century modern epoch. Our signature blend of a modern/classic marriage is reflected in the Heritage Collection. Encompassing a touch of old glamour, with a fusion of archaic/modern affects, remains completely handmade in New York.

4. Eliann couture has been a staple handbag on the red carpet. Which 
celebrities would you love to see rock Eliann couture next?

We've been very fortunate to have interest from top talent. It's always humbling to see a next celebrity accessorized with our designs. We are really excited and can't wait to see Halle Berry wear the Eliann day-bag she got from us.

5. Where can readers find your handbags?

Currently we are re-modifying our site that customers can still shop on. The site is being refreshed to reflect greater selection of bags, retail referrals and availability, including specialty and department store trunk shows. 

Check out or visit The New York Look store at 30 Lincoln Center to shop Eliann Couture.

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