Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kensie Holiday 13' Jewelry Collection Preview Party with a Fashion Tarot Card Reading!

Kensie's Lindsey Jensen and me 
The Kensie 2013 Holiday collection preview party was one of the most  entertaining events of the Summer. To celebrate the new collection Kensie treated Editors and Bloggers to a thrilling soiree filled with decadent chocolates, wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres, gift bags and even tarot card readings!

I was greeted by Lindsey Jensen, one of the lovely Kensie PR girls. She gave me a tour of the new 2013 Kensie collection which featured an assortment of must have sparkling accessories for the Holiday’s. 

Kensie is popular for their runway inspired pieces with a pretty yet edgy vibe. 

One of my favorite pieces was the above jeweled triangle collar necklace which was paired with a gorgeous abstract print Kensie dress. 

One of the most exciting parts of the event was the tarot card reading. Tarot reading expert Angela Lucy was on hand to provide guests with their fortune. 

I had the opportunity to ask only one question so I made sure it was the most important one. My question was if I was destined to be a great Fashion Blogger. With the question in mind Angela had given me her deck of Tarot cards to shuffle and give back to her. With each card she laid on the table came a piece of my fortune which detailed what I needed to do to succeed. One thing she said for certain was that I'll always be in fashion. 

The whole Tarot reading experience with Angela felt so real and a truly moving experience that's given me an even greater push to pursue my dreams in fashion.  

The Kensie Holiday 13' preview party concluded with a live gift drawing where lucky guests won a selection of fun Kensie gifts.

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