Saturday, August 10, 2013

Publicolor Top Coat Cocktail Party

Publicolor hosted a Top Coat cocktail party at 4Food, a new quick service restaurant serving an all-natural, local, and sustainable menu. Charitable guests trickled into the restaurant's Madison avenue venue for an evening of cocktails, passed hor d'oervres and music.

The event was held to celebrate young professionals and their support of Publicolor. Co-Chairs include: Hannah Brofman, Lilly Gunn, Emma Hall, Lexi Komisa, Kait Margraf, Brooke Savone, Kevin Walker.

Publicolor’s mission is to counter the alarming dropout rate in schools across the country by engaging high-risk students, ages 12-21, in their education through a continuum of design-based programs and academic support. By empowering students to reach their full potential in college and career, they combat the under-education and lack of job preparedness that fuel poverty. 

What makes Publicolor unique—and central to their mission—is the beautification and revitalization of public and civic spaces through the power of color and design, the affordable medium of paint, and collaborations that engage students and the community as a whole.

Visit to donate and learn more.
4Food Founder Michael Shuman and me

My look for the evening was inspired by this Summer’s ultra-glamorous re-make of The Great Gatsby. I wore a jewel encrusted THEIA dress which I’m sure will one day end up in a museum of extravagant and opulent dresses. 
THEIA’s Designer Don O'Neill truly demonstrates the depth of his craft with the addition of countless clustered diamond like jewels for this piece. The photos certainly don’t do this dress justice as it is even more brilliant in person.   

I completed the look with matching sparkling jewel earrings and bracelet from the GLITTERRINGS Great Gatsby collection.  
Ruth Lande Shuman and me

Ruth Lande Shuman, Founder + President of Publicolor gave a compelling speech about her organization. Ruth was such a pleasure to meet and speak to. Ruth founded Publicolor in 1996 and has worked ever since to use color, collaboration, design, and the discipline of the commercial painting to engage at-risk students in their education, targeting the most under-served communities, most under-performing schools and most seriously disadvantaged middle and high school students. 

“We start with failing schools and failing students stuck in environments filled with lethargy and hopelessness, and offer the students the option to paint their way to a brighter future,” explained Ms. Shuman on Publicolor’s website.
Mireya Rio and me
I also had a chance to meet international movie star, Mireya Rios. The lovely Ms. Rios can be seen in movies such as Faithfully Yours. As a bi-lingual actress Mireya filmed productions in both Spanish and English. Internationally, she has made strides as a “one to watch” type. Back in the U.S. Mireya is also a staple in the socialite scene around town with pal Peter Brant Jr. 

The Publicolor Top Coat party was the perfect way to spend a Summer evening in the city. One of my favorite parts about being 'The Style Socialite' is the opportunity to attend these types of benefits and bring attention to deserving non-profits like Publicolor. Dressing up for the party in a THEIA dress was of course a major highlight as well. Fashion meets charity never goes out of style!

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