Sunday, May 18, 2014

Harley Davidson Fashion Preview + Motorcycle Riding Experience!

Harley Davidson hosted a unique event experience for Editors/Bloggers to preview their stylish new apparel and accessories collection for women. The event also featured a presentation and a cool opportunity to see what riding a Harley feels like.  

The morning of the event I was going through my closet to pick out the most appropriate outfit for the occasion.

I decided to go with my Member’s Only leather leggings and crushed velvet top by Juicy. Edgy chic accomplished! 

Fast forward to later in the day. Harley Davidson sent a personal car service to pick me up for their special event. (It’s always such a treat to have transportation provided.) Beaming with excitement I couldn’t wait to see what they had in-store for me!

Walking into the Harley Davidson decorated event space was an experience of its own. The room was filled with lots of cool motorcycles, Harley apparel, an hors d'oeuvres/drink table and the above epic mannequins that were made from scraps.  

One of my favorite people to meet at the Harley event was Melvina Kleverova Zilliox, Harley Davidson’s Design Director. Dressed head to toe in Harley Davidson, Melvina looked like the epitome of a cool biker chic. We hit it off right away and ended up chatting about everything from Harley, to our cats and the fact that we’re both European.

While in conversion with Melvina, I couldn’t help but to abruptly pause to stare at her ridiculously awesome spiked Harley Davidson boots. Spiked boots are definitely on my must own list. You can dress them up in so many versatile ways. My personal favorite style is wearing spiked boots with a delicate piece to balance the hard and soft elements of the look. 

In addition to spiked boots, leather jackets are also on my must own list. I couldn't resist trying this fab leather Harley jacket straight off the mannequin.  

Towards the middle of the event Claudia Garber, Harley Davidson’s Director of Women’s Outreach Marketing went over a presentation about the brand’s direction. The presentation was centered on Harley Davidson's mission of fulfilling dreams of personal freedom and female empowerment.  

After the presentation I had a chance to see the new Harley Davidson collections which included their classic leather jackets, sweaters, hats and accessories.

One of my ultimate favorite pieces from the new Harley Davidson collection was the above spiked floppy hat. I knew I had to try it on the moment I saw it. For many of you that know me, the floppy is certainly part of my signature style. Add on the spikes and you've got one bad ass style socialite. ;) 

Finally, the moment I was most excited for came when it was my turn to hop on the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Of course I couldn’t resist on wearing the Harley Davidson floppy hat for the experience. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before so this was definitely an awesome first time experience. It’s always been something I wanted to try and I was thrilled to finally get the opportunity to do it. The instructor went over the different parts of the Harley and how one would ride it. Safely secured, it was only a stationary test but non-the less an epic experience.

My new friend Melvina from Harley Davidson came with me to snap all of the great moments of my first motorcycle experience. As you can see from my shocked expression one of the things I didn’t anticipate was how loud the motorcycle would be when you first start it. I quickly got used to the sound and really enjoyed the experience of it all.

Even though I didn't actually ride, I could definitely imagine the sense of empowerment and freedom one would have riding a motorcycle through the city.

I may not look like the typical Harley girl but I definitely would love to take riding lessons and maybe, one day my own stylish Harley motorcycle. I can already picture my outfit: classic Harley leather Jacket, plain t-shirt, leggings and perhaps a cool pair of spiked booties. 

Thanks again Harley Davidson for the unforgettable experience! 


Would love to hear your feedback and comments! xoxo The Style Socialite