Monday, December 29, 2014

Aegis Capital's Magical Carnival Themed Holiday Party at Pier 60

One of my all time favorite holiday parties this season was Aegis Capital Corp's epic Carnival themed soiree at Pier 60. Thousands of guests were invited to this bash and I was lucky to be my best friend’s plus 1. 

Ironically, the party was held on Dec 18th, the same day of another big holiday party I had planned to attend. As fate would have it things didn’t work out and I ended up going to Aegis’s holiday party instead.

It’s funny how fate works. You think you’re missing out on something really good but then you get something even better in its place... :)

Aegis’s Carnival themed holiday party was something that dreams are made of. The venue was completely transformed into a Coney Island-esque carnival with games/prizes, carnival food, drinks, live music, performers and much more.

Walking around the room was so exciting and surreal. It felt like I entered a movie and we were filming a carnival scene. I took a moment to watch guests playing the games. They looked like so much fun but I decided to first find my friend Robin who invited me to the party.

After a few minutes I spotted Robin and we grabbed a glass of champagne to celebrate the start of an epic evening. I almost wish we had our own reality show to document all of the monumental adventures we have. 

Robin and I met new friends Valentino and Carl who ended up giving us the stuffed animals they won at the carnival.

One of my favorite moments was when the Jersey Boys came on stage. The red suited crooners gave so many unforgettable performances that evening. Check out my instagram (@alinafayer) to see a quick clip! 

I ended my night by indulging in some cotton candy, because, why not?! It was certainly the best way to finish off an epic evening. Although a considerably better alternative would have been meeting a nice finance babe dressed in a suit and pocket square at the party... Hopefully that will be in another story! ;)  

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